Sunny side out!

Enjoy a cool, cool summer as the Celcius goes up

The Thai Meteorological Department recently announced the arrival of summer in Thailand and the sunny side is that you can get your tan on and enjoy seasonal events. Whether you're an outdoorsy person who enjoys soaking up the rays or a vampire-kind who tries to stay away from daylight, Guru has six ways to cool off or bask in Bangkok's warmth this hot summer.

1. Eat the cooling khao chae

My granny would smack me, if I don't mention khao chae as one of the ways to beat the heat. For years, khao chae or the quintessential Thai summer dish of rice soaked in cold jasmine-scented water, has been one of the go-to favourites. The fragrant, refreshing dish is served with an assortment of side dishes, depending on who's making it, but deep-fried kapi balls, shredded sweetened meats and stir-fried sweet radish with eggs (hua chai po) are usually among the stars of khao chae's accompaniments. Here are a few Bangkok restaurants that dish out khao chae in different styles.

(Photo: Patom Organic Living Cafe)

- Experience traditional Thai summer delicacies with fresh ingredients from local organic farms at Patom Organic Living Cafe ( on Thong Lor 23. A bowl of jasmine rice steeped in iced jasmine-rose scented water is served with sweet shredded pork, radish, fried shrimp paste, fried shallots and minced pork stuffed in green peppers (B230). Organic in every bite, Patom's khao chae set uses traceable organic raw ingredients from Patom organic farm and a network of local organic farmers.

(Photo: Jim Thompson Restaurant)

Jim Thompson Restaurant ( sums up the joyous tastes of the Thai summer in one dish. Located in the former home of the Thai silk expert in Kasem San 2 Alley, the restaurant offers khao chae chao wang served with six side dishes along with the summer staple of mango with sticky rice as dessert. Their khao chae set is available until the end of the month and starts at B590 per set.

(Photo: Miss Siam)

- For B1,075 per person, Miss Siam restaurant at Hua Chang Heritage Hotel Bangkok ( on Phaya Thai Road draws in khao chae fans with its signature all-you-can-eat offer. You can pair a bowl of refreshing khao chae with a plethora of side dishes and savoury Thai food. There is also a sweet corner where you can relish Thai desserts.

2. Jump on the Marian plum bandwagon

Believe it or not, this unbearable hot weather has a fruity silver lining: the mayong chid bandwagon. Marian plum is a summer highlight that we look forward to sinking our teeth into. Here are a few places that whip up recipes showcasing the seasonal mayong chid. However, you must act quickly because the fruit is only available until April, if you're lucky.

(Photo: Kyo Roll En)

- Kyo Roll En ( rolls out three refreshing dessert dishes that pair two summer fruits from two regions. The Japanese contemporary dessert house has complimented the sweet and fragrant character of mayong chid with the sour kick of yuzu. A kakigori, Japanese shaved ice, will quench your thirst with cool, crisp mayong chid granita filled with fresh slices of fruit and on top of yuzu sherbet.

(Photo: Ba Hao Tian Mi)

Ba Hao Tian Mi ( brings back the summer favourite mayong chid pudding. The house's signature pudding base, which is a blend of cream cheese and soy milk, is paired with fresh mayong chid slices. A Hup Seng cracker crumble is added for a final touch, giving the seasonal dessert a slightly salty kick and a cheesecake-like bite.

(Photo: Anya Authentic Thai Cuisine)

Anya Authentic Thai Cuisine ( thinks outside the box while offering savoury mayong chid dishes. Instead of touting the sweet and sour tastes of mayong chid in their dessert menu, the authentic Thai-cuisine restaurant on Bamrung Muang Road chooses to break new ground and put a spotlight on the fruit in their Thai appetisers namely Ma hor mayong chid and Miang kham mayong chid.

3. Quench your thirst

When it's hot, turn to a scoop of ice cream or a brain-freeze spoon of bingsoo. However, you can go lighter to maintain your summer beach body with refreshing smoothies or cold-pressed juices.

(Photo: Pash)

- Pash ( is a one-of-a-kind juice bar on the first floor of The Commons Thong Lor that offers two distinctive menus with the concept of "Juice By Day, Bar By Night". During the day, Pash whips up healthy, refreshing juice drinks ranging from cold-pressed juices to a wide selection of smoothies, along with an array of home-brewed teas mixed with fresh juices. But when the sun goes down, the juice store will transform into a fanciful, multicoloured bar, where you can get juiced with an extensive selection of fruit cocktails.

(Photo: Lele)

- Catching all eyes with its striking shop front, Lele ( on Thong Lor 13 is another juice bar that worth checking out for refreshing cold-pressed juices and smoothies. The must-try drinks are the unique, seasonal cold-pressed juices, which recently they have just added mayong chid and grape on the menu.

4. Chill pills

Staying in a room all day while cranking up the AC may not be enough to fight the heat in style. Fortunately, Bangkok has a few places that offer year-round chill and (artificial) snow. Besides, one of these venues doesn't only offer a way to ease your irritation from the heat but also your muscle tensions.

(Photo: Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club)

- Taking advantage of the free, cooling air in the malls is the simplest way to escape the scorching heat. But it may be better to make it extra special by going ice skating at Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club ( At Major Ekkamai, Megabangna and Esplanade Cineplex Ngamwongwan–Khae Rai, Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club has several branches in Bangkok's shopping malls, where you can enjoy shopping and dining after a round in the rink. You can glide and twirl around for B500 for a one-day pass on weekdays and B600 on weekends. If you want to learn from the pros, book a private class at a rate starting at B900 per session.

(Photo: Cyro Stay Young Bangkok)

- Cryo Stay Young Bangkok ( on Sukhumvit 55 lets you unwind with cryotherapy or cold therapy using a freezing breeze to rejuvenate your body. Priced at B3,000 per session, Cryo's body experience package starts with a one-on-one consultation with cryotherapy specialists, who will help identify your problems and focus on specific goals you want to achieve. Then, they'll let you stay in a special cryotherapy chamber to immerse yourself in a -140°C freeze for three minutes.

(Photo: Dream World)

- This place is a bit outside the city, but who doesn't like escaping? No other place offers the joy of winter like Snow Town in Dream World ( Whether it's an igloo, life-sized dummies of wintery creatures or the temperature that never rises above -5°C, experience the Arctic atmosphere in the powdery snow. Rubber boots and thermal jackets are distributed at the entrance. Build a snowman, make a snow angel and ride a sleigh, as it's your golden chance to experience a real winter. All-inclusive tickets into Dream World cost B1,000 per person, while the entrance fee to Snow Town costs an extra B140 for kids and B160 for adults if you hold a regular pass.

5. Brave the sun(set)

Make this summer one to remember by checking out these evening outdoor events, where each location comes with a chance to spot a captivating sunset.

(Photo: Good Hood Fair)

- Get your summer outfits ready and head to the Good Hood Fair, which runs until April 3, at the riverside Sermsuk Warehouse on Charoen Nakhon 15, which has been turned into a weekend hipster rendezvous spot. With an entry fee of B200, guests can browse through an array of fashion, art and handicraft booths at the riverside weekend fair. Grab a bite at street stalls while grooving to live music by local indie bands, including Whal & Dolph, Zweed 'N' Roll, Safe Planet and more. Visit

(Photo: Samyan Lalanjai)

- Samyan Lalanjai is an outdoor fair that will take place at CU Centenary Park this weekend. It's where you can sit back, relax and enjoy live performances while indulging in downtown sunset. The lineup is led by the OG puppetry Chao Khun Tong, along with mor lam puppet performance by Mor Lam Hun Dek Thevada, lakorn chartee (southern-style theatrical performance) by Anatta Theatre Troupe and more. There are also food vendors whipping up tasty food from the neighbourhood. Visit

(Photo: Conscious Chill)

- Bangkok Island is gearing up to host Conscious Chill, its first wellness event, on its party cruise and at its beach club cafe/restaurant on Charoen Krung 57. Rebalance your mind, soul and body through wellness activities, while enjoying an all-day organic market where you can fill your cart with an array of wholesome products. Last but not least, good music to vibe up your mood by the DJ crews. Visit

6. Get wet

Get your bathing suits and sunscreen ready because we've listed water activities where you can cool off from the heat while having fun and getting a splash!

(Photo: Siam Amazing Park)

- One of the summer's simple pleasures that you may forget is whooping it up at a water park. Touted by the moniker "Talay Krungthep" (Bangkok's sea), Siam Amazing Park ( is a long-standing amusement and water park that would be one of the top picks if you want to bask in tropical vibes without having to leave the city. Evoking a glimpse of a tropical island with countless coconut trees and beach chairs with umbrellas, the Water World of Siam Amazing Park offers the world's largest wave pool, certified by the Guinness World Records. Another highlight that will test your limits is the famous Speed Ride, which is an iconic seven-story-rainbow slide. The all-inclusive pass for adults costs B900 and B750 for kids.

- Pororo Aquapark BKK ( makes quite a splash for those who want to experience twists and turns in an aqua tube. Located on the top of CentralPlaza Bangna, the rooftop water park features colourful waterslides in different styles and levels of adventurous fun. Beneath all the sky-high, tangled waterslides, you'll find large, flowing pools where you can take a dip while letting yourself go with the flow. The one-day pass is priced at B400 for adults and B280 for kids and the elderly.

(Photo: Taco Lake)

- It's the season to get adventurous, and Taco Lake ( on Bang Na-Trat Frontage Road is our recommended quest to get an adrenaline rush. Taco Lake was the first cable wake park in Thailand, which is more like a hangout spot that feels removed from the daily grind of Bangkok with suburban tranquillity. Sports enthusiasts visit here for wakeboarding, wakeskating and water skiing. No experience, no problem. They have kneeboards to help beginners learn and staff on hand to give pointers to new wakeboarders. Even if you aren't wakeboarding, it would be a nice place to sit back, relax and swim. Day till dusk pass (12-6pm on weekdays/10am-6pm on weekends) costs B400 per person while day till night pass (until 10pm) costs B600 per person.

(Photo: Nong Bon Water Sports Center)

- Nong Bon Water Sports Center ( at Rama IX Park offers you various water sports, such as kayaking, canoeing and windsurfing, to cool off with some splashing while having active fun. The highlight is that you get to sail into the wind while indulging in tranquil surroundings. They also have a powerboat on standby in case anyone capsizes or gets hopelessly stuck. Run by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the centre offers an affordable membership of only B40 per year. That price includes all gear and free instructional sessions daily with athletes and professional teachers.

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