Glow into spring with Suqqu

3D Control Eyebrow.

Cheeks shine more than ever in Suqqu's spring 2022 looks, fashioned with a new make-up collection.

Melting Powder Blush.

The star product, Suqqu Melting Powder Blush, is designed to render silky wetness that promotes an inner glow.

The Melting Powder Formulation technology evenly wets the powder with oil, resulting in a non-chalky, highly translucent finish that blends with skin tone. Spherical powders penetrating between plate-shaped powders create more gaps, resulting in a soft and fluffy texture as well as a cushioning touch. The entire powder is then coated with oil for a moisturising effect.

Signature Color Eyes.

The Japanese brand also considered how black, red and yellow melanin, as well as red haemoglobin, determine natural skin colour. The base pigments are limited to these three colours so that the innovative blush further blends effortlessly with the skin. Moreover, fine small pearls emit light to illuminate the complexion.

The Melting Powder Blush comes in eight shades, from sheer purple and mauve-pink to red and brown tones. Two colours, such as sheer purple and chic red, complement each other for sophisticated cheek make-up.

Nail Color Polish.

Brow make-up involves light beige and light orange as well as a deep brown from the limited-edition 3D Control Eyebrow palette.

Eyes twinkle with four hues from the Signature Color Eyes palette, whose three variations are based on the combinations of spicy pink with grey, orange with peacock green, or glittering hues with brown.

A sweep of Sheer Matte Lipstick, such as nude pink Shunrai, and coats of the Nail Color Polish complete Suqqu's spring look.

Sheer Matte Lipstick Shunrai. Photos © SUQQU

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