Put on a good face for Mad Face Food Festival

The "Mad Face Food Week" will be back to fulfil every summer craving for three days, from Friday to Sunday from 3-10pm. The venue is Sansiri Backyard at T77 Community, On Nut Road.

Held in collaboration with Made By Legacy and Chang Cold Brew Cool Club, the exciting food festival is a celebration of amazing food makers united by their shared passion for cooking, drinking and eating.

It's known for mashing up people and stirring all things food-related -- head chef and home cook; traditionalist and try-anything-once type; slow-cook goddess and barbecue pit god.

This year's three-day immersive event focuses on the theme "Summer Food Coma" as it will feature a delicious food line-up of top restaurants, wholehearted merchandise, barbecue cookouts and dinners to encourage everyone to eat until they drop.

This is the only festival where chefs and cooks cut loose, create what they want and have a dance-off with their dinners in laid-back environments and unusual set-ups.

All food enthusiasts will enjoy the very best international food and barbecue in the tropical summer surrounded by greenery enhanced with curated music and much more.

The entry fee is 100 baht including one drink and Bingo game access (free for children under 15 years and pets).

Visit madfacefoodweek.com.

(Photos courtesy of Made by Legacy)

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