Discover tastes of Europe at Gourmet Market food fest

From tomorrow until May 6, the European Union in collaboration with Gourmet Market Thailand is hosting a retail event at the EmQuartier to promote a wide variety of authentic agricultural food and beverages from the 27 member states of the bloc.

Under a global campaign dubbed "Colours By Europe. Tastes Of Excellence", the event showcases more than 800 EU products, including products registered with protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI) and certified organic.

Visitors can expect to find from in-store booths, a selection of meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta and oil as well as wines, beers, spirits and confections.

These products, by farmers and artisans who have mastered local techniques passed on for generations paired with innovative agricultural methods and storage technologies, are known for their high quality, safety, authenticity, diversity, sustainability and excellent taste. Each item is labelled so buyers can always trace the ingredients and nutritional information back to their origins anywhere in the EU.

While diversity of soils, climates and cultures in Europe contribute to the region's amazing variety of delicious agricultural products, the use of fertilisers for fruit and vegetable harvests is strongly regulated and controlled by the EU, as is a prohibition of growth hormones or antibiotics in meat production.

Such food safety standards are harmonised and mandatory not just for all EU countries, they also apply to imported and exported goods.

The retail fair highlights merchandise with the PGI and PDO labels. The labelling, which covers wines, cheeses, charcuteries, olive oils, beers, balsamic vinegar, regional breads, seafood, fruits and vegetables, ensures the products' geographical origin and centuries of traditional know-how, which results in their specific characteristics and taste. The PGI and PDO trademarks also protect consumers from counterfeit products.

Among the products on offer are mortadella Bologna PGI; Schwarzwälder Schinken ham PGI; Boeren-Leidse met sleutels cheese PDO; Kalama olives PDO; Kiwi de Corse PGI; Manzana de Girona apple PGI; and Finsk Vodka PGI, to name just a few.

On Saturday, there will be an exclusive three-course chef's table dinner prepared with prime ingredients and hosted by Thai celebrity influencer Phiravich "Mean" Attachitsataporn offered to top spenders.

"Thailand is a country that has shown strong appetite for high-quality EU products", said EU ambassador David Daly.

"This is an excellent opportunity for the EU to offer Thai consumers a better understanding of the EU sustainable food system, wherein stringent production standards and quality controls are guaranteed for the products throughout the whole production chain."

The campaign also incorporates Gourmet Market's online channels as well as Robinhood, Foodpanda and Happyfresh applications.

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