Go west young woman

Go west young woman


This season Kanittha Daroonate heads west, Way Out West actually, in naming Canitt's Bohemian-style collection for spring/summer 2022.

"The Way Out West collection is truly special and it is the first time we take Canitt ladies on a road trip through designs, colours and prints inspired by the scenery in the US, particularly the breathtaking landscape of the Grand Canyon and deserts in Arizona and California," said the creative director.

Shades of nature, such as those of sand dunes, dominate the palette of warm hues complemented by Baby Pink, Downtown Brown and dark-red Rosewood as well as nudes and white.

Renamed Forever BoHo, the signature print boasts a new colour scheme to harmonise with the concept.

For each collection, Kanittha looks up to a role model in the fashion industry. For Way Out West, she drew inspiration from Helmut Newton's photographs of model and actress Charlotte Rampling, described by Vogue as an icon of classic French style, in outlining the silhouette of jacket suits, summer dresses and other pieces.

Canitt's Way Out West collection is available at Paragon and Emporium department stores.

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