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Fan favourites make a comeback at Mia

Spring menu.

It's the season of change and at Mia on 30 Attha Kawi 1, Sukhumvit 26, the menu has taken a few turns and twists.

The Seasonal Tasting Menu (seven courses B4,250++, five courses B3,650++, five-glass wine pairing B2,250++) under chefs Pongcharn "Top" Russell and Michelle Goh use premium ingredients, local and imported, with a focus on seasonal. Begin your meal with an Irish oyster with pineapple and passionfruit for zing. The fan favourite Duxelle tartlet, which uses four kinds of mushroom, is served with Hollandaise and truffle, while the Thyme and cumin cracker is topped with garden peas and a pretty Foie gras mousse topped with beetroot and tamarind.

Other new highlights include the Bluefin tuna, crustacean jelly and lentils. This dish has two parts, land and sea. The land is the lentils, which are cooked in a mushroom stock to deepen their flavour. The sea is the crustacean jelly made from bluefin tuna, sea buckthorn and ebi or Japanese prawn. The dish is garnished with ikura or salmon roe and avocado.

Spring menu Mia. Nianne-Lynn Hendricks

Grilled ocean trout is served with fennel, blood orange for some zestiness and topped with almonds. The fennel is cooked three ways: a puree of fennel and dill, a fennel confit and a raw fennel salad dressed with balsamic. Though not a popular vegetable in these parts of the world, the bitterness of the fennel goes so well with the trout and the dash of Pernod adds the umami. The trout has been grilled using lychee charcoal for the smokiness and leaves it at a "melt-in-your-mouth" texture. It is served with a beurre blanc, which cuts through the fattiness of the dish. Not your everyday fish dish, it is for an educated palate.

For main, I chose the Hay-aged duck served with carrots and pomegranate, though you can also choose Hokkaido Kamui Gyu A4 Wagyu Chateaubriand, paired with celeriac, mushroom emulsion and pomme soufflé.

The two-week hay-aged duck neck and legs are used to made a farce or a traditional French sausage mix with pistachio, lardo and foie gras. This mix is then stuffed in the duck neck skin, which is smoked in hay, thyme, bay leaf, lemon zest and rosemary. This comes with a perfectly-cooked duck breast and a Thai-style quail egg, the yolk of which goes so well with the sausage. Spring carrots are caramelised in brown butter, while the baby carrots are cooked in orange juice. The dish is served with a pomegranate reduction. A classic jus made with duck fat is used for the sauce. A dish that is as good as it looks!

Spring menu.

The transition from main to sweet in the form of a duck consommé is my favourite and probably the best in the city! The consommé is ice-filtered, a technique invented by Heston Blumenthal for clarifying stock.

Even if you're a teetotaller, you're going to want Chef Goh's Kiwi G&T palette cleanser. Kiwi is in season and chef Goh wants to elevate the fruit. A mix of yoghurt and lemon foam, sorbet, gin and tonic jelly, ginger gel, diced fresh kiwi and a dusting of juniper berry for that G&T feel.

If you've been to Mia in its early days, you will remember Chef Goh's dreamy dessert: Mia's cereal bowl with malted milk chocolate and corn. Bringing breakfast to fine dining dinner, it is an absolute belter of a dessert! It has been added to my list of "things I would eat after I've brushed my teeth and am lying in bed so when I wake up, I can still taste it". Yes, that's a thing.

Needless to say, I went to bed happy and so will you! Call 098-862-9659 or reservation@miarestaurantbkk.com.

Spring menu.

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