Thailand exports culinary charm in animated series on Netflix

(Photos courtesy of T&B Media Global Thailand)

Thailand recently exported its culinary charm to the world with the release of the locally-produced animated series, Tasty Tales Of The Food Truckers, which is streaming via Kidoodle.TV in Australia.

Produced by T&B Media Global Thailand, Tasty Tales Of The Food Truckers tells the story of three friends who travel the world in a living food truck named Julia to find mysterious food ingredients to make special dishes.

The series features three main characters: Sonny, a bear chef with a passion for food; Andy, a smart inventor who can plan and fix everything in every situation; and Tong, the social media savvy individual who lives for likes and followers. Tong's smartphone is always at the ready to broadcast special activities and adventures from the food truck.

Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers. (Photos courtesy of T&B Media Global Thailand)

Apart from culinary techniques presented in a fun approach, the audience -- young or old -- will learn about cultural differences, friendships and food jargon from the series.

Tasty Tales Of The Food Truckers stars Dan Clark (Team Smithereen, Brats Of The Lost Nebula) and is directed by Bill Kop (Eek The Cat!, Tom & Jerry: The Fast And The Furry) and Bob Higgins

The release of Tasty Tales Of The Food Truckers in Australia is the first collaborative effort between T&B Media Global and Kidoodle.TV -- a streaming platform for children -- that welcomes the work of Thai animators to the advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) platform.

For viewers in Thailand, the 10-episode animated series is streaming on Netflix.

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