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After Japan, the US and EU countries, Uniqlo has eventually launched its StyleHint application in Thailand.

Uniqlo, a fashion brand under Fast Retailing Group, offers reasonably priced high-quality clothing, by managing everything from procurement, design and production to retail.

The Japanese brand has leveraged today's increasingly digital world to communicate directly with customers and quickly transform their desires into actual products.

Available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, the StyleHint app allows users to search for various styles, including those strutted by influencers and genderless looks.

Members can shop instantly for Uniqlo clothing and share their favourite outfits on social media platforms.

Uniqlo defines its minimalist apparel as LifeWear, which is based on Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity. Through innovative functional fabrics, the clothing provides more warmth or coolness, lightness and comfort to match people's lifestyles.

Style Hint. (Photo courtesy of UNIQLO)

The contemporary designs serve as building blocks to personalise your everyday looks.

The StyleHint app serves as a digital community in exchanging thoughts on wearing Uniqlo clothing as well as how to mix and match.

For instance, one fashionista shows how to layer a crop top over a loose-fitting shirt, matched with jeans for a Korean girl look; and a male member wears an orange ensemble, matching the darker coloured T-shirt with a jacket and big pants.

The app compares to a digital clothing library to scroll for various styles and discover new ways to wear clothing you already own.

From photos taken or saved, one can find items that bring the looks to life, and shopping for them becomes easy with the app. Moreover from a picture of your outfit, the items are tagged automatically and you can share the look with fellow members around the world.

Style Hint.

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