Chef Kentaro Nakahara is back to serve omakase

Beef sirloin. photos courtesy of Zen Corporation Group

Meat lovers don't need to fly to Japan to get the best yakiniku as Tetsu Urban Yakiniku Bar will bring back legendary chef Kentaro Nakahara again to serve omakase dinners of premium grilled meat in September.

Presented under the concept of "The Only Time Of The Year With Legendary", the exclusive experience will feature excellent Tamura beef imported straight from Japan as the major ingredient of the course.

The beef originates from well-known Japanese Tajima cattle and chef Kentaro will preserve the best of it with his seasoning technique. Over the years, the chef has developed his skills through a variety of approaches to exhibit the beauty and art of cooking.

In the next two months, Thai diners will enjoy his 10 new courses which include Tamura beef sirloin that is cut into thinner slices and marinated in the chef's secret sauce before being served on his signature bamboo; Yukke or red fatty, fresh and tender raw Wagyu beef that is combined with marinated sauce, raw egg yolk and numerous seasonings; and Katsu sandwich made from fried beef wrapped in crunchy, freshly baked bread.

Chef Kentaro Nakahara. Zen Corporation Group

Chef Kentaro is the owner of Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara, a restaurant in Japan that has won the Bronze Prize from the Tabelog Award for five consecutive years between 2018 and 2022.

The "Premium Yakiniku Omakase Course" will be served two rounds a day from 6pm to 8.15pm and 8.15pm to 10.30pm, exclusively between Sept 14 and 18. The restaurant is on the 5th floor of Central Embassy, Phloenchit Road.

The fee is 7,500 baht per person. Seats are limited to 50 persons per round. For reservations, add Line: @tetsuyakiniku.

Visit or call 064-587-2421.

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