Prada's pragmatic aesthetics shines in new collection

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons first worked together on the spring/summer 2021 collection, and their synergy reverberates even more in Prada's autumn/winter 2022 collection.

The co-creative directors commemorate life and living while appreciating every day and each moment through the women's ready-to-wear.

Pragmatic pieces are given new emphasis and significance, such as by transforming the menswear-style tank with a fitted silhouette and a feminine touch.

The pleated skirt has also been reinvented based on a construction of triangular pleats that create a modern, wavy effect.

Prada's aesthetic heritage is reflected by combining two or three different materials, such as cloth, leather, mesh and tulle, for midi skirts featuring embroidered feather, floral or other motifs or rhinestones.

Likewise, inverted and contrasting materials are used for mesh dresses with delicate feather or three-dimensional floral embellishments.

Tailoring meets evening wear style in the long-sleeved Cady sheath dress with a sinuous neckline adorned with a necklace that can be worn several ways.

Prada's signature geometric prints appear on cashmere and wool sweaters, whose snug-fitting yellow turtlenecks are signed with the intarsia logo.

Feathers and embroidered flowers further jazz up bomber jackets while coats are carved out at the neck or back, with the architecture of clothes building rapport with the body.

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