Thai designer blends masculine/feminine

Wattanachai Anurattaphun, Rurchutar Boonsoong, Sinjai Plengpanich and Somporn Thirin.

The Fashion Hall of Siam Paragon was turned into a fashion runway for the Theatre's men fashion show that reflects feminism and masculinity of gentlemen in the 20s, which was the beginning of science in a fusion of cultural and technological elements.

Under a theme of "diversology", founder and designer Sirichai Taharanon teamed up with the luxury men's skincare brand Devonte to create a nostalgic setting of an immense Egyptian desert with a majestic pyramid surrounded by travelling models merging with the movement of garments.

Celebrities and leading fashion designers including Varavut Laohapongchana, Polpat Asavaprapha, Wanthanabhadee Jittanukroh, Ali Ziani, Araya A. Hargate, Teema Rucksajit and Pichita Boonyarataphan participated in the voyage into the imaginative world.

The fundamental concept of this collection is wearing clothing by wrapping it around oneself, which mixes feminism with muscularity. Focusing on sustainability, the apparel line uses natural dyes in neutral shades ranging from brown to beige. It recycles fabrics of various tones by draping them together to create an appealing form that expresses personality.

Nanthavan Sangthamkitgul and Padapatsorn Padapilasthanun.

Panitipat Suksomboon.

Teeradon Supapunpinyo.

Chonlathorn Kongyingyong.

Polpat Asavaprapha.

Araya A. Hargate.

Amanda Jensen, Kittikun Tansuhas, Wanthanabhadee Jittanukroh, Kanachai Bencharongkul and Nakarin Wanakijpaibul.

Teema Rucksajit and Pichita Boonyarataphan.

Ornpreeya Mahmoodi, Suphatra Kliangprom, Nawat Itsaragrisil, Engfa Waraha and Tanawan Wigg.

Varavut Laohapongchana and Benjawan Bavonvisitkul.

Amanda Jensen and Kittikun Tansuhas.

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