Celebrate Queen Mother's birthday at Siam Paragon

Thai fabrics available at the 'Phusa Silp Jak Thong Thin Soo Sakon' fair. photo courtesy of JEEPZMK2

To mark the 90th birthday anniversary of HM Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother, Siam Paragon is holding many activities including exquisite art and textile showcases and exhibitions.

Starting today is the "Thai Textiles Trend Exhibition", which brings an array of high-quality products from the Support Foundation including silk, cotton, hilltribe embroidery, handmade flowers, ceramic, basketry items made of lipao (string fern vine), krajood (grey sedge) and bai lan (palm leaf), as well as embroidered fabrics, and ready-to-wear clothes. They are available at reasonable prices at the Crystal Court, M floor, until Aug 17.

Then, witness an amazing textile art titled San Sin Phan Din Siam (Woven Art: The Land Of Siam) which will be showcased at The Jewel zone, M floor, from Wednesday to Oct 31.

The piece is a 21m-high map of Thailand created from splendid Thai textiles sourced from all regions across the nation. It was designed by textile designer Ploenchan "Mook" Vinyarath who uses the weaving technique on a mesh.

The exhibition area will also be decorated with creative works by renowned designers to reflect the Thai agricultural way of life. They include woven sculptures and mural paintings of fish made from local natural materials such as bamboo, grey sedge, palm leaf and sugar palm leaf.

Products from the Support Foundation at the 'Thai Textiles Trend Exhibition'. photos courtesy of Siam Paragon

Held to mark Thai National Textile Day, which falls on Aug 12, will be "Phusa Silp Jak Thong Thin Soo Sakon (The Art Of Fabric: From Local To International)". It will feature Thai fabrics with unique attributes from 76 provinces, at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th floor, from Thursday to Sunday.

Another highlight will be "Sueb San Paisit Silp (Preserving Supreme Art)", an exhibition that portrays the Queen Mother's dedication to the preservation of ancient craftsmanship in different fields from khon masks.

It will display exquisite jewelled accessories; intricate khon costume embroidery like shawls; models of lords, ladies, demons and monkeys; Noen Tammang brocade fabrics; stage creations; and replicas of chariots.

The exhibition will run for only three days from Friday to Sunday at the Fashion Hall, 1st floor. Exclusively on Saturday, there will be a khon performance and a seminar by khon experts who will share the stories of the royal khon masked dance under the Support Foundation.

Everyone is invited to express their loyalty and gratitude to the Queen Mother by dressing up in blue and participating in the blessing ceremony and paying tribute to the Queen Mother at the Parc Paragon, M floor, on Thursday Aug 11 at 10am.

The same venue will see the 40-member Ganesh Light Orchestra perform classical music including our favourite royal compositions daily at 2pm and 5pm from Friday to Sunday.

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