Teens invited to attend forum on success

Teens invited to attend forum on success

Teens invited to attend forum on success

If your teenagers want to learn the secrets of success from some of the best minds in Thailand, the "Tales For Teens" forum might be what they are looking for.

Scheduled for Sunday from 9am to 5pm at Noble Play on Phloenchit Road, the event will feature talks by Wit Sittivaekin, a TV celebrity and expert in current affairs; Pimol Srivikorn, president of the Taekwondo Association of Thailand; and Banyong Pongpanich, chairman of the executive board of Kiatnakin Bank.

Wit will discuss "how the elements of the past foreshadow the future", Pimol will touch on "fighting spirits in sports representing our country", while Banyong will be a keynote speaker to share his advice on life and work with the young generation.

Organised by a group of eight Thai teens studying in Great Britain and now back home during school breaks, the forum provides an opportunity for interested teenagers to learn and get inspiration from big names in the country. It also aims to raise funds to assist the education of teenagers in rural Thailand.

The young organisers include Puinune and Pran Busrapan, Kittinart and Pholnart Suksriwong, Prin Dheva-Aksorn, Teera Leetrakul, Phavinee Sirikrai and Aphitthan Puttraprapan. The event followed a previous forum which saw more than 50 teenage students from nearly 30 schools, including a group of rural students from schools along the borders who attended free of charge. The fee is 4,000 baht. All proceeds will go to a scholarship fund for rural students in Thailand. The forum can accommodate only 30 participants, and the fees will be waived for needy students.

Call 098-702-6779 or contact Line ID: TalesforTeens.

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