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Up your camera skills on World Photography Day

Have you ever wondered what the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" mean? Through their lenses, what photographers saw was beyond words. You can catch on to that through the photographs they captured, which convey their thoughts, experiences and resolves. To get a clearer picture, Guru speaks to talented photographers, whose current works are on display, asking them to share their definitions of photography. In celebration of World Photography Day today, we also list photography workshops and talks which you can get inspiration from, not to mention a contest and an open campaign.

Puttipong "Amp" Nipat-u-tit

"Photography brings people together, creating a community where we can shoot subjects we're passionate about. Sharing my photographs and happiness with others is what I put first when talking about my purpose in taking photos."

Puttipong "Amp" Nipat-u-tit is hosting his first photo exhibition, "Double The Imagination: Rediscovering The World Again", at Fotoclub BKK, the independence film lab/gallery on Charoen Krung 32. His works present skilled techniques combined with a unique storytelling style that layers two different exposures on a single image -- double-exposure photography. Places you have been to or seen in Bangkok appear to have different stories to tell through Amp's eyes. He adds, "I want to break free from my thinking traps and norms in photography. My exhibition helps you discover new perspectives on seeing the world."

Catch Amp's photo exhibition at Fotoclub BKK's gallery by Aug 28.

(Photos courtesy of Puttipong Nipat-u-tit)

Artyt "Sun" Lerdrakmongkol

"Photography is about getting to know me while conveying my message to others, genuinely."

"Poor Man's Binoculars", a photo exhibition by Artyt "Sun" Lerdrakmongkol is on display at Silom's Kathmandu Photo Gallery. It will whisk you off to the historic horse racetrack, The Royal Turf Club of Thailand, home to the Nang Lerng racetrack, formerly famous for being one of the few spots in Bangkok where you could legally gamble. Even though the venue is no longer operational, Sun has captured life inside the racetrack, where he spent every Sunday for a year, from 2017-2018, observing what people did there. Out of sheer curiosity and film rolls, he presents a series of quickly stolen candid photographs shot in colour films that add a retro aesthetic. His exhibition is divided into three chapters: get set, run and final, revealing the life cycle of horse-racing fans and gamblers. A binocular takes centre stage in his photo set. The gamblers in "Poor Man's Binoculars" carry a pair of binoculars to gaze at their lucky stallions, which is more like their hope and luck for the day. Running till Aug 25, the exhibition has become a relic of a forgotten past. It may leave you with food for thought: Where have the people in the photographs moved on to?

(Photos courtesy of Artyt Lerdrakmongkol)

Peerapon "Noar" Boonthep

"Photographs, to me, are proof of existence."

Peerapon "Noar" Boonthep portrays the lives of rural migrant workers through his photo exhibition, "155". His photographs were selected as one of 50 outstanding thesis projects by students and aspiring photographers across Thailand to hang up at "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition". Running till Sept 11, Noar's black-and-white portraits highlight the difficulties that blue-collar workers face in earning a living in harsh social conditions. Through a common experience Noar shared with those labourers, he plans to shed light on rural hardships, leveraging his insights and photography skills to create value for migrant workforces. At the same time, visitors can get in touch with the way of life in the countryside through anecdotes shared by his models, annexed to each photograph. "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition" is on display at MUNx2 on the 3rd floor of Seacon Square on Srinagarindra Road.

(Photos courtesy of Peerapon Boonthep)

Nontawat "Toey" Sutthikorn

"Taking photographs has become one of my daily routines. It opens my world and makes me happy. Why not take a shot?"

Another outstanding monochrome photo set selected to be displayed at "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition" is "Peaceful", shot by Nontawat "Toey" Sutthikorn. The exhibition exudes the tranquillity of scenic landscapes that portray Toey's way of achieving inner peace. He unveiled his favourite place of memories where he can spend a peaceful time alone while conveying his moments through this photographic work. "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition" is on display at MUNx2 on the 3rd floor of Seacon Square on Srinagarindra Road.

(Photos courtesy of Nontawat Sutthikorn)

Nawa "BM" Suwannarat

"Snapping photos, to me, is what I do to record my thoughts and feelings. Photography reflects who we are at a moment in time straightforwardly. It plays a significant part in helping you understand yourself in an age where everything is mixed up. A photograph I took is more of a milestone, reminding me of meaningful memories and the pain I have overcome."

In "Memory That Passed Through Eyes", Nawa "BM" Suwannarat manifests his childhood through a series of photographs. BM is also one of 50 university students whose photography thesis projects were selected to be exhibited at "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition". A protagonist leading his works is a mosquito net, which he overlaps with different backgrounds. To be more specific, each scenic backdrop was a place from his fond childhood memories. "The little boy always cried to get what he wanted. He wanted to spend more play time outside a little longer, and it's hard to say a fond farewell to this joyful time as he had to go home." He shared a bit of his boyhood that was a part of his concept. Even though his photographic work is made up of memories of the hazy past, they're his self-reminders, prompting who he was used to being. "Emerge: Photo Thesis Exhibition" is on display at MUNx2 on the 3rd floor of Seacon Square on Srinagarindra Road.

(Photos courtesy of Nawa Suwannarat)

Photography Crash Course

Introduction To Leica Q and Leica Q2, Aug 19

Leica fans, especially those who own a Leica Q or Q2, can book a seat at Leica Akademie, where they teach basic settings and photography of the red dot cameras. For B3,000 per person, master the fundamentals of shooting photographs and explore the creative possibilities of the Q series, taught by experts. The class takes place at Leica Akademie on Sukhumvit 31 on Aug 19 and Sept 16. Contact to make a reservation. Visit

Double Digital With Lumix, Aug 20

In collaboration with Lumix Thailand, Fotoclub BKK in the hipster Charoen Krung neighbourhood is hosting a photography workshop tomorrow, featuring the ins and outs of double-exposure photography. Teaching the class is Puttipong "Amp" Nipat-u-tit, who has also had "Double The Imagination: Rediscovering The World Again", a double-exposure photographic exhibition on display at the photo club. He will walk you through his unique photography techniques in layering two or more pictures into a single image. The workshop is free and you also don't need to bring your camera, as Lumix Thailand has you covered with its excellent point-and-shoot camera. Visit

B&W Film Development Workshop, Aug 20

Photography enthusiasts, especially those who are fond of the clicking sound of a film camera, can book a film-developing workshop at Analogue by Fotoinfo for B399 per person. Peera "Pee" Wongpanya (read about him, is helming the class. He teaches how to develop a roll of film from scratch, with an introduction to tools and bleaching recipes for developing film. This month's special class is a B&W film development, and the next class is tomorrow, taking place at a photo club/workshop studio on the third floor of Seacon Square on Srinagarindra Road. Register at Visit

Photo Storytelling Workshop, Aug 27-28

For B6,500 per person, you can book a seat at a private class with Nawajoon "Joon" Bunphaknawik, an award-winning short film director, which teaches everything about photo storytelling. Learn a crash course in conveying your stories through photographs, covering essential composition rules and camera angle and shot size for storytelling. The workshop instructors will also introduce you to "the decisive moment", a key observation in photography discovered by the French photographic master Henri Cartier-Bresson. Participants will also be granted access to a private Facebook club, which allows them to review techniques and lessons via their pre-recorded videos. The next "Photo Storytelling Workshop" will be hosted on Aug 27-28 at a workshop room on the 3rd floor of True Space on Siam Square 2. Visit

Talk With Photographers


Join Charinthorn "Pailin" Rachurutchata on an exclusive talk hosted at Mun Sandbox, a creative space at Srinagarindra's shopping mecca Seacon Square. On Aug 27, she will unfold her creative process of the visual story project, "The Will To Remember", which won a prize at the World Press Photo Contest. Visit

The Laws Surrounding Art and Street Photography

The latest update on the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has led to a debate among street photographers over whether a photograph with someone else's attachment is illegal. Especially with street photography, there's a thin line between art and privacy. Suhansa "Ada" Jarurattana, along with Tavepong Pratoomwong and Angkul Sungthong, have your answers while shedding light on doubts about what you can and cannot do in public photography. Join them at Hub Of Photography Library on Seacon Square on Srinagarindra Road this Sunday. Visit

Take Your Shots

Snap The Moment

The Thai-made brewery Singha is running a series of photography contests through Sept 21. "Snap The Moment" offers aspiring photographers a chance to create photogenic photographs with a bottle of Singha soda, with which participants can submit no more than three images per topic each week. Until Aug 24, the theme is "place", and from Aug 29 to Sept 7 is "planet", while "peace" is the last concept of the contest that runs from Sept 12-21. The reward for each week is a Leica D-lux, while the grand prize for the final winner is a full-set of Leica M11, valued at B450,600. Submit your work via

World Photography Week

In celebration of World Photography Day, World Photography Daily is running an open campaign, "World Photography Week", which allows photographers to share their works with a worldwide audience. On each day of World Photography Week, running from Aug 19-26, share a photo that you've taken that has meaning to you, with the story behind it, on the social media platforms of your choice, using the hashtag: #WorldPhotographyWeek. There is no reward to conquer, but what will pay you off is a new fan base for your work. No worries if you don't have one to share with the crowd. You can hit some likes and share the photos that resonate with you the most, giving them appreciation and admiration in the comment section. Visit

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