Sweat it out with Virgin's HIIT routine

Grid Training at Virgin Active.

An efficient way to burn calories, high intensity interval training (HIIT) alternates bouts of exhilarating exercise with recovery periods.

Virgin Active members can sweat it out in the 45-minute Grid Training -- a high intensity workout to strengthen muscles, increase durability, enhance agility, at each base.

Pushing gym-goers outside their comfort zone, the class involves various physical activities and equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, exercise balls, exercise ropes to help stimulate strength in various parts of the body.

The exercise pattern changes according to the theme in order to diversify the routine and create new challenges for participants, while providing space for them to meet and enjoy the session.

"Grid Training at Virgin Active is designed to enhance strength for every part of your body. The class can also help increase stamina, core muscles strength, cardio-endurance boost, while creating a sense of unity to keep you alert and staying focused with each challenging movement," said Christian Mason, country director of Virgin Active Thailand.

Grid Training at Virgin Active. (Photos © Virgin Active)

Grid Athletic classes are HIIT workouts that focus on  a sustainable pace and heart rate, to help increase endurance and cardiac health; while the Grid Power routines are centred on moving as fast as possible while burning fat and gaining lean muscle mass.

In 1999, Virgin Active disrupted the UK's fitness industry with its large health clubs and exercise programmes. The brand has been operating in Thailand since 2014, and now has eight fitness clubs in the country.

Virgin Active aims to make exercise accessible through Grid Training and other classes such as Pilates, yoga, cycling, boxing or individual exercises.

Encouraging people to stay in shape, the "Seize Today, Save Tomorrow" campaign gives new members a 50% discount on the annual membership fee.

For more information visit virginactive.co.th or facebook.com/VirginActiveThailand.

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