Exhibition explores the shape of objects

A photographic work by Tanapol Kaewpring. (Photo courtesy of HOP Photo Gallery)

Art lovers are invited to explore various shapes of objects that have been changed by fire during "Love & Fire" which is running at HOP Photo Gallery until Nov 20.

This is a solo exhibition by Tanapol Kaewpring, an artist, filmmaker, photo editor and photographer who captures the violence and fury during the changes from the so-called "fire in the name of love".

The state of love and fire is a question that confuses and reverses its inner meaning. It invites enchantment, gives light and is the originator of almost everything. But it's hot and ready to burn everything down if someone or something gets too close to it.

In addition to changes in appearance, both love and fire also have the power to take over and transform the subconscious like a good or bad ghost that is ready to imprint. It's ready to make us feel overwhelmed with something.

The photographic and installation artworks on show aim to take viewers on a momentary exploration of the objects of various shapes that are being burned down.

They are invited to observe the stagnant state of the time engraved in the nature of the camera recording which gripped the violence during those changes.

No one can say that the changes after the ingestion will bring warmth to the heart or, actually, burn the body of the soul. The exhibition aims to bring us back to consider the possibility of common sense being possessed under the midst of a confusing political and social situation.

HOP Photo Gallery is on the 3rd floor of Seacon Square on Srinakarin Road and opens daily from 11am to 7pm.

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