Dining meets design at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya's On The Road

Get On The Road at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya's latest dining outlet lets you sink your teeth into wholesome delights while being surrounded by a retro flair that pops!

On The Road will soon become a fav for day-and-night hangouts, rekindling the cafe-hopping and dining scenes in the coastal city. Siam@Siam Design Hotel's interior game has never failed to impress (hint: Chim Chim in Bangkok). Pass through the bamboo curtains from the Sin City hotel lobby and find yourself in a light and airy dining room. Nothing flaunts the vintage vibe like vibrant geometric patterns adorning custom-made furniture and rugs. Tropical indoor trees are embedded in huge faded clay pots, which bring the space to life. Quaint wooden bar stools are lined up in front of the open bar, where a wooden counter sits atop mid-century white breeze blocks, with rattan cage pendant lights that set up a bohemian mood.

On The Road whips up a menu of redefined comfort food and wholesome offerings made with locally sourced and housemade ingredients. The healthy bowls showcase a fresh take on international cuisine, which have been reinterpreted into something more contemporary and hearty. The Chipotle tahini bowl combines Middle Eastern and Mexican influences through its zinging tahini paste and chipotle sauce. Taste Mexican seafood in the Spicy shrimp Veracruz, featuring a bowl of barley topped with Veracruz-style shrimp sauteed with mini peppers and cherry tomatoes. Savour a Banh mi without having to worry about carbs, as Vietnam's iconic sandwich is served in a bowl of cooked quinoa instead of a baguette, which is also mimicked in the Roast cauliflower burrito bowl, a dish that comes without the tortilla.

From the ocean to your plate, the Lobster roll is a soft and fluffy Japanese shokupan toasted and crammed with a crab salad with New England sauce. The lobster shines with big chunks of sweet meat on top of the roll and ikura playing a supporting role in offering a savoury burst.

An Instagrammable and perfect-for-brunch dish is the Asparagus tartine, which comes with guacamole sourdough toast with sauteed asparagus, and contrasting all the green are fresh raspberries. Watch out for the pungent taste and aroma of wasabi, though. My favourite topping for the open sandwich is Roasted beef, which incorporates tataki-style roasted beef and Cheddar with an Argentinian chimichurri that adds a herby flavour and aroma. 

At On The Road, coffee snobs can enjoy coffee blends from Roots, while a wide selection of teas curated by Monsoon Tea, a sustainable brand that specialises in unique native teas grown in the forests of Northern Thailand. (Read about the tea brand here: bit.ly/3rDk4vp).

Looking for unconventional sweets to pair with your favourite cup? Look no further than the PB&J croffle sandwich and cronut, a croissant-meets-doughnut pastry that comes in flavours like peanut butter and raspberry. And nothing says summer like an acai bowl!

At night when the lights are dim and upbeat music tunes up, stop by the bar for easy-drinking cocktails. The signature drinks include Running down the hill, where rum meets lime, ginger ale, mint, nutmeg and cinnamon — giving you an epiphany of a cola tang. As the name suggests, Let’s sober up (or a Thai-twisted Bloody Mary) gets you ready for the next round with refreshing vodka-infused tomato juice and a spicy hint of chilli, with the cocktail glass rimmed with roasted rice powder. Visit bit.ly/3C0w9Qc. 

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