The human library opens on Friday

Read humans at ฺBook Expo Thailand 2022

The ongoing 27th Book Expo Thailand 2022 offers more than books as reading material. You can also learn from ‘human books’ similar to The Human Library movement, which began in Denmark.

Photo credit: Gon Photography

Don't judge a person by their cover by sitting across someone you don't usually interact with, conversing with them, and, most importantly, learning and unlearning stereotypes attached to them. 

The 'Arn Manud' project, which translates as ‘read humans’ in English, aims at building a society that respects differences in human diversity and understanding among people from different backgrounds. It encourages you to be aware of preconceived notions and biases you may have about certain groups of people, overcome them and connect as fellow human beings.  

Happiness Is Thailand, Jit Arsa Bank and The Thai Health Promotion Foundation co-hosted the first human reading in April as a judgement-free space. The next human reading will take place on Oct 21 from 11am-1pm in Hall 5 of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center as part of Book Expo Thailand 2022.

Photo credit: Gon Photography

The human books include an FTM transgender, a former delinquent, a visually-impaired person, a Burmese migrant worker, an MTF transgender, and a wheelchair-bound person. Join with an open heart.

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