Royal Osha welcomes winter with refined Thai cuisine

The chef's table menu is available from Nov 1

Royal Osha, a Michelin-Guide-recommended Thai fine dining restaurant, officially welcomes winter with multiple-course menus showcasing elevated Thai cuisine.

Kewalin Pithayanukul, Supapitch Pithayanukul and veteran chef Vichit Mukura

On the corner of Soi Ruam Rudi and Witthayu Road, Royal Osha is under the new management of sisters Supapitch Pithayanukul and Kewalin Pithayanukul, the latter also serves as R&D chef. They collaborate with veteran chef Vichit Mukura, who helmed Khao when it received a Michelin star, to present this elegant new menu for the chef's table experience.

If you have never been to Royal Osha, do explore its exquisite interiors where you can find a gorgeous chada chandelier, luxurious contrasts of gold and black, dining booths inspired by Buddhist monk's alms bowls, and beautiful mural art depicting the Ramakien among many decadent details. Those who have already been there may notice the newglasshouse zone, adjacent to the main dining room, where the chef's table takes place.

Those who try it for the first time will be served with the following dishes as a tasting menu and the menu will be changed completely for their later visits, according to Kewalin.

Thong muan Tom Yum Kung caviar

Thong muan tom yum kung caviar derives its inspiration from the crispy roll and the dish that has become synonymous with Thai cuisine. It bursts with flavour, thanks to shrimp stuffing and tom yum mouses inside the audibly crunchy roll. The mixture of tom yum powder and edible flowers is used as the lids to help contain the stuffing while a drop of caviar on top lends a luxury touch. This bite-size starter definitely leaves a big impression.

Watermelon with conch, beetroot and dried fish

Watermelon with conch, beetroot and dried fish is basically Taeng mo pla haeng (watermelon and dried fish) and Goong chae nam pla (shrimp in fish sauce) combined and refined. What looks like purple granita is actually spicy seafood dip and it goes great with a piece of conch from Japan, which is sprinkled with Himalayan salt and roasted. 

Egg-sausage consomme with French chicken foie gras and crispy chicken skin

Up next is Egg-sausage consommé with French chicken foie gras and crispy chicken skin, another elevated version of a Thai dish. While you may associate Thai-style sausage luk rok with a simple clear soup, it becomes one of many stars in this high-brow consommé. Pieces of steamed sausage containing foie gras, a tender piece of rolled chicken on cubes of snow lotus and a sizeable piece of foie gras are complemented by chicken stock that has been simmered for six hours. Soothing and savoury.

Stir-fried lobster with celery and jaew-grilled lamb

Served as the main course with red jasmine rice is Stir-fried lobster with celery and jaew-grilled lamb, a take on the surf and turf concept. The juicy lobster is butter-seared, grilled and glazed with phad cha sauce while the succulent lamb lollipop is enhanced with roasted ground rice and a jaew dip. Even the rice is seasoned with sesame seeds for extra pops of flavour.  

Som choon jelly and kaffir lime in syrup

Som choon jelly and kaffir lime in syrup is a refreshing pre-dessert that may feel exotic to some due to the use of ginger and fried shallot usually found in savoury dishes. The mini green translucent bowl is actually made of kaffir lime and a pool of jelly gives citrus contrast to sweet seasonal fruits from Thailand and Japan.

Khanom sai sai, Khanom krok and Mung bean dumplings

At the end of the meal, comes a trio of Mung bean dumplings, Khanom krok (coconut cream pancake) and Khanom sai sai (coconut-stuffed dough). The Thai 'petit trois', if you will, look dainty and khanom krok emerges with the biggest impression, thanks to its crispy outer layer, creamy texture and sweet and sour topping. 

The aforementioned dishes are from the five-course menu, priced at B,5000++ per person, but there are also eight (B8,000++) and 12 (B12,000++) course options. They are available from Nov 1 to Jan 31, 2023, in time for the festive season. If you want to celebrate the outgoing 2022 with an experience of food full of finesse and flavour in a fancy setting, Osha's new offerings do the trick but it'll cost you. The chef's table requires advance reservation which you can make by calling 02-256-6555 or emailing  

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