New Sirus Tanya collection is a picture of style and grace

With more than 10 years of experience in the high-end jewellery industry, Sirus Tanya transformed its house in Siam Paragon into a runway for a fashion show to launch the New High Jewelry Collection 2022, which emphasises feminine appeal and grace.

Pipimleasaa Thanapaisarnvorakul, Ploylada Thanapaisarnvorakul, and Panisara Weeraprateep.

More than 40 jewellery pieces totalling more than 500 million baht are on display. One of the highlights is The Scarf, which tells a tale of assurance, grit, and seductive grace. A fluid silhouette made of more than 1,000 baguette diamonds strikes the ideal chord between the delicate and the powerful.

Stunning Marquise-shaped diamonds adorn the Idol's Eye necklace. Their elegant incisions have been created precisely to capture the intensity of a woman's gaze. The Toi et Moi bracelet is crafted from royal blue sapphire and covered in diamonds to radiate a subdued grandeur for a unified display of grace, bravery, and strength. The centrepiece, a Colombian Cabochon Emerald, gives the Cleo bangle's design a gentle, yet striking beauty. Precious gemstones and baguette diamonds give the design a subtle appeal.

"The High Jewelry Collection 2022 decodes the attractive facets of the beauty around us in a way that Sirus Tanya is known for. Despite sharing the same source of inspiration, each concept stands out thanks to its unique design elements. Suquan Bulakul beautifully represents the persona of Sirus Tanya since we always picture how she will appear while wearing the expensive jewellery," said Sirus Tanyawattanakul, founder and creative director of Sirus Tanya.

"When it comes to design, we don't just prioritise aesthetics; we also consider functionality holistically. Meanwhile, every stage of the manufacturing process, from casting to stone setting and finishing QC before delivery to consumers, is done with finesse and precise attention to detail by expert professionals."

Sirus Tanyawattanakul.

Sirus Tanyawattanakul.

Piraya Singha.

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