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Augustinus Bader combines scientific credibility with sustainable practices

The Light Cream With TFC8.

Fascinated by therapeutic advances, Charles Rosier applies his financial background to support medical research.

Around 10 years ago when he first met Prof Augustinus Bader, the beauty business wasn't on his mind.

But in 2018, the French financier and the German stem cell expert eventually launched the Augustinus Bader luxury skincare brand, which has generated buzz for its intriguing scientific narrative and celebrity endorsements.

"Having learned of Prof Bader's groundbreaking research on wound healing, I wanted to support him because it was a major discovery. I thought how come such a technology exists but it's not available to the world," said Rosier, who was recently in Bangkok for the launch of The Light Cream With TFC8.

Prof Bader is the director and professor of applied stem cell biology and cell technology at the University of Leipzig in Germany.

Augustinus Bader skincare collection.

Award-winning The Cream and The Rich Cream With TFC8.

The biomedical scientist and physician spent over 30 years developing technologies that activate and harness the body's healing ability. Believing that there's no shortage of stem cells, what actually diminishes over time are triggering signals that awaken the dormant stem cells.

The communication breakdown is fixed by sending signals to the injury site in order to promote the natural healing process.

This approach was used by Prof Bader to develop a hydrogel as an alternative to surgery, skin grafts and scar revisions for patients, including those with third-degree burns and diabetic wounds.

"It took me over two years and five visits to Leipzig university to convince Prof Bader that his research could be applied to developing beauty products," said Rosier. "The main reason for our project is a biotech company, which conducted years of clinical trials. The skincare business is more tangible because consumers can see, touch and use the products."

The Augustinus Bader Group is structured around biomedical research and biotechnological treatments, coupled with a foundation to help patients in need. Funding partially comes from the commercial success of the Augustinus Bader skincare brand, which within four years has over 100 awards under its belt.

Augustinus Bader Group CEO and co-founder Charles Rosier.

In 2021, The Cream and The Rich Cream were voted WWD Beauty Inc's The Greatest Skincare Of All Time by beauty industry insiders. Today the range includes cleansers, face oil, and serum and oil, as well as hair and body products.

All formulas feature the patented Trigger Factor Complex, or TFC8, developed by Prof Bader based on his Wound Gel technology and a deep understanding of the body's healing mechanisms.

The signature complex comprises over 40 ingredients including natural amino acids, medical-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules naturally found in the skin. This technology guides key nutrients and ingredients to the skin, restoring an optimal environment for cellular performance

"Augustinus Bader cannot compete on budget. The products speak for themselves, first becoming popular among Hollywood celebrities. The second wave of journalists then wrote about their journey in using our skincare products," he said.

Rigorous clinical trials and consumer testing is carried out to ensure that the products deliver what the brand promises.

The Light Cream With TFC8 for instance is a mattifying moisturiser, ideal for combination and oily skin and for those living in a hot and humid climate.

The lightweight formula specifically addresses excess shine through Australian lemon myrtle extract while providing hydration, protection and other benefits thanks to extracts of pore mushroom, wetland grass and baobab leaf.

As the CEO, Rosier has combined scientific credibility with product safety and sustainable practices.

Under the Clean Science concept, the formulas are free of irritants, allergens, fragrances, GMOs, parabens and other controversial products.

FSC-certified recyclable cartons and leaflets and the regal-blue bottles made of recyclable aluminium exemplify the brand's sustainable beauty.

Award-winning The Cream and The Rich Cream With TFC8.

Refillable The Serum With TFC8.

Award-winning The Cream and The Rich Cream With TFC8.

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