Somtum Der celebrates 10 years with a new design

Somtum Der’s 10-year journey started from a small shophouse in Sala Daeng to New York, Tokyo and Taipei

To celebrate the milestone, a new design concept called Metro Isan has been created for Somtum Der Saladaeng. Developed by Saran Yenpanya, it draws inspiration from truck art which expresses the homesickness of Isan truck drivers, who long for the familiar sight of a rural landscape. Saran has adapted truck art and transformed it to match with Somtum Der’s DNA of being classic, fun and casual.

To go with the new décor, a new menu of traditional and contemporary Isan dishes have been created. Think Der-styled deep fried chicken thighs, house special grilled marinated pork and a variety of som tam. Using the traditional charcoal grill for all grill dishes, the restaurant also uses Wagyu beef sourced from Isan and includes traditional Isan ingredients like cow’s blood and bile in new dishes. The boldness doesn’t stop there, with cockles and Isan snails added to the menu. Though beer and local spirits are a customary match with Isan food, Somtum Der has gone a step further and offers slushy cocktail buckets.

DJ Bomber Selecta, whose playlists are a big hit, is creating a unique playlist, especially for Somtum Der. It combines luk thung and molam mixed with T-Pop and fun Western tunes that everyone can sing to.

The new Somtum Der Saladaeng is a friendly dining space after a long day or the starting point of a long night. The restaurant is open 11am-11pm. Call 02-632-4499, Line: @supannigagroup or visit

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