Horoscope: What awaits in 2023

Rabbits are fed at Wat Temrak Samakkhi in Nonthaburi. This year marks the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiace. (Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

Your horoscope for the coming year.


April 14 – May 14

(⏰) Work and finances: Work is still good although there'll be headaches because some people may not meet their goals. But overall, you will be able to overcome many obstacles. From April, there will be a tendency for change for the better. Financial gains can be expected from the middle of the year or after April. For partnerships, it will be better than last year, but there may still be some minor issues that you should be aware of.

(♥) Relationships: Love and relationships will continue at a moderate level, but nothing fancy. If you are married, your partner's likely to have career and financial success this year. So if your partner is discussing a work or financial project, you should take it into consideration. For those who are looking for a partner or plan to get married, maybe they should hold off until next year as 2024 will be better for commitment.

(⛹) Health: People in this zodiac sign are often stressed and don't sleep well. They must let go and try to get a lot of rest. Headaches and fever may be frequent. Be careful of contagious diseases, but they will not be too heavy. Accidents are often caused by negligence or lack of rest, however, there shouldn't be anything serious.

() Luck: Fortune comes from the east. Therefore, the east of the house must allow a lot of light to pass through. Do not leave the east side of your house dirty or too dark. If there are trees obscuring the east of the house, the branches must be cut so that it is clear and the light shines fully. As the Chinese belief goes, fortune often comes from houses, land and real estate.


May 15 – June 14

(⏰) Work and finances: This year, the economy of Thailand from April will be good. Taurus people will do well in their careers. That means finances will also be better too. The ups and downs of last year will be more stable. Work that involves foreign countries, business trips or communicating with foreigners will be good after April. However, there will be a lot of expenses due to the expansion of work. Therefore, it may require some new investment. There's a likelihood of a partnership or co-investors this year.

(♥) Relationships: Love for Taurus this year is very good. Those who do not have anyone will find love. Going out into society will allow you to meet new people through introductions from friends, or you may meet someone you like during a long trip or travelling abroad. It is possible for those who already have a lover to get married. This year is a perfect time for engagement or marriage if finances are convenient like last year. For those of you whose relationship isn't really on good terms, things should change for the better this year.

(⛹) Health: This year, there is no health concern for Taurus people. There might be some minor illnesses like the flu. In addition, those who have had underlying diseases and illnesses should continue to treat the symptoms, however, they will not get any worse, at least for this year. As for accidents, be extra careful during the months of March and December, especially for those who have to travel regularly or work in a place prone to accidents.

(Luck: The fortune of Taurus people comes from sacred things -- priests, monks, teachers, elders and patrons. Taurus is suggested to make merit at a temple or place that you worship. Giving donations is another option that will bring good fortune. The direction for fortune is south and northeast. So try to improve the south of the house, keep it tidy and clean. Rubbish bins should not be stored in this area. Get rid of the garbage and unused items. If there is a shrine in this direction, take care of it. If there's damage to the shrine, it must be repaired quickly.


June 15 – July 16

(⏰) Work and finances: Self-employed people or those who have a company, your business this year has the possibility of going well. As for those who work full-time, salaried people will perform smoothly, be productive and most likely be promoted as your performance will catch the eye of your supervisor. And for those who want to invest in expanding partnerships, this is definitely a good year. The best profession for Gemini is work that relates to public relations and contact with people, networking, education and technology.

(♥) Relationships: Love for young people this year will lead to happiness. You're most likely to find love at work or from work-related events. Those who are looking for love will find it this year. Or if you are already in a relationship, there's a chance to get married or move in together. For married couples, there is a chance to buy a new house or car. It's indeed a happy year for Gemini people as their finances are much better. However, for those who have marital problems, try your best to reconcile and it should work out fine. A bedroom that is suitable for solving relationship problems should have you sleep on the northwest side of the room. You should do a big cleanup this year and repaint the room with warm colours, such as light pink.

(⛹) Heath: Gemini people rarely have health problems. But if there is, it is likely to be a matter of the lungs or respiratory tract. Be careful of infections from others, especially Covid and the flu. Always wear a protective mask and avoid mingling with people who are suspected of being infected.

(Luck: There's not much chance for unexpected luck this year for Gemini people. But things should get better after April. Most of the fortune comes mainly from work-related matters, especially for jobs involving distant lands or being abroad. Those who work full-time will get good news from the boss or supervisor.


July 17 – Aug 17

(⏰) Work and finances: This year Cancer will breathe easier. There will be clear financial and work luck after April. Although work has been busy and caused so many headaches since the end of last year, it will get better entering the new year, especially after April. By the end of the year, everything will be accomplished. But overall, work will be as busy as ever, but very productive. So Cancer people are luckier this year than last year. You will get help and support from colleagues, and get a new partnership. For those who work abroad, this year will be better. Tourism careers are worth keeping an eye on, and hotels or other services related to foreigners will be especially good.

(♥) Relationships: Love and relationships this year for Cancer are very bright. You will meet someone who is interesting that eventually develops into love. For those who are married or already have a family, it is likely that your lover or partner will get a fortune from society, or society will lead them to success. Therefore, it should be good to take your lover or spouse out to social events. The best direction for love is north and southeast.

(⛹) Health: Cancer people should not have any concerns about health problems in 2023. No accident is clearly visible. However, if the eyes can't see, it doesn't mean it won't happen because an accident sometimes may be caused by another person. Health problems for Cancer people are likely to come from work stress because according to the horoscope, the job is quite busy, so you need a lot of rest to stay healthy. Otherwise, you may get sick which will reduce your ability, making it easier to lose your job.

(Luck: Cancer people will have good fortune from adults or priests. If working in a company or government service, there is a chance to be promoted. It is assumed that Cancer people will have a lot of luck all year long.


Aug 18 – Sept 16

(⏰) Work and finances: Work is still struggling to get out of the global economic recession due to Covid-19. Finances are still in a struggle, or not very good. If you have a partner, it's better than fighting alone. If you were feeling tired last year, this year will gradually get worse, unfortunately. You will have to wait until after April for things to get better. The solution is not trying to solve problems alone. You should look for someone or a partner who has the ability to help relieve stress. In fact, if you have the opportunity to meet a new partner to help, don't hesitate to accept it, otherwise you will continue to be tired throughout the year.

(♥) Relationships: This year your spouse will be better off financially than you. Love is moderate to good. So if you are planning to do any investment, better consult your partner first. The horoscope within the family or the house is in a good situation. For those of you who don't have a partner yet, keep waiting because things are not clear for Leo people. Marriage love is moderate, or not very bright. But there are no bad things either.

(⛹) Health: Leo people have Rahu orbiting in Aries. The solution is exercise. Aries is in the east and Rahu is the shadow. Therefore, it is necessary to correct the east of the house. If there is a tree that obscures the sunlight in the east, cut off a branch in order to let the sunlight pass. This will result in good health, no fatigue, or tiredness. There's a possibility of a problem in the excretory system, stomach and abnormal blood pressure. Headaches or dizziness are often referred to as being sick. To fix this, don't let the east of where you live get dark. Instead, make it bright and clean.

(Luck: Fortune comes from the east. But this year Leo's fortune is quite small because Rahu is obscured. Therefore, the east of the house must be bright and clean. Most fortune this year may come from a person with a rank, maybe a civil servant, soldier or police officer. If it comes from an individual, it is likely to be from your partner or spouse. The criteria for having good fortune and success must go past April, entering the summer. Leo is the zodiac sign of the Sun, and it will be very powerful from April to August.


Sept 17 - Oct 17

(⏰) Work and finances: Virgo people will see new investments, new partnerships and new beginnings this year -- all are positive, especially compared to last year. Those whose jobs are in the field of communication, public relations, sales and marketing will see a lot of business expansion. Jobs that continue from last year will also show positive signs and might require more production capacities or partners. At first, the investment appears to require a large budget and involves lots of expenses. But in the long run, it will generate new revenues. Finances for Virgo people will start getting better after the second quarter.

(♥) Relationships: Love is very bright this year for Virgo people. Years of romance could end up in a marriage. Single people could run into a crush. For those who are secretly in love with someone, it might be time to make a confession because 2023 is a positive year for Virgo people in terms of relationships. For people who are already in love and married couples, this year sees no obstacles in their love lives.

(⛹) Health: There is no sign of seriously bad health or accidents this year. However, it doesn't hurt to be careful especially in February, April, May, August and December. There could be slight road or travel-related accidents during those months but they are not serious.

(Luck: Luck mostly comes from friends, socialisation and communication. Travelling north, west and southwest could bring about success and luck. Those whose work does not involve any travelling should get lucky through communications or social networks. Rooms in the north of the house should allow lots of light to increase the yang. Those in the southwest should on the contrary not have too much light to preserve the yin. Doing so will bring luck to the family.


Oct 18 - Nov 16

(⏰) Work and finances: General service jobs will go at a moderate level this year for Libra people. However, work that involves partnership, collaboration or co-investment could run into hidden obstacles that delay the work progress. Business partners should face conflict or have different opinions, making you feel discouraged. Patience will enable you to get through this tough challenge at the end of the year. Finances are not very good this year but you will still be able to survive. Despite lower debt, still you cannot call 2023 a positive year for Libra in terms of money.

(♥) Relationships: Love could turn sour this year for Libra people. Fights and arguments will require lots of patience and it is paramount to not let emotion override rational thought. Otherwise things could turn from bad to worse, or even divorce. For Libra, this is a forbidden year for weddings, engagements or marriage proposals. Female Libras should be careful of men who approach them because they might have a hidden agenda. Loving couples should watch out for someone outside the relationship who could run their love life into a roadblock. Firm and rational thoughts are extremely significant to get Libras through this year in terms of love and relationships.

(⛹) Health: Be careful of underlying diseases that could relapse. Those without any chronic disease should keep careful watch for slight accidents, especially at the beginning of 2023. After mid-year, there should be nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, bear in mind that reckless motorcycle rides could easily lead to accidents. Verbal arguments could also bring about lawsuits. Extreme sports such as hiking, shooting and boxing could also cause injuries. Libra should be careful about all these.

(Luck: Luck will arrive from the west from mid-year onward. Working with Westerners therefore could bring you luck which will involve artefacts, antiques, ancient Buddha amulets or real estate. Land trading could generate some financial benefits but you will not get lucky by buying lottery tickets, stocks or gambling. Luck favours those who work hard for it.


Nov 17 - Dec 16

(⏰) Work and finances: Finances will go well this year with the likelihood of career expansion or new assignments for full-time workers and state officers. Private business operators will also have an opportunity to expand their work and investment which will also improve their financial status. Obstacles will begin to fade away from April onward. For the Scorpios, working as a state officer or a full-time worker is better than trading because trading usually requires strategic adjustment which could mean new investment.

(♥) Relationships: Love is sweet and full of happiness for Scorpios. Single people might run into your crush this year. This is a good year for Scorpio people to look for or improve a relationship. It is also a good time to get married.

(⛹) Health: Keep a careful watch for digestive diseases including haemorrhoids, stomach and intestinal disorders as well as migraine and sinusitis. The chance of accidents is minimal except for those caused by pets such as having an accident while running your dog. Animal farmers should be careful of infectious diseases that could wreak havoc on their stock.

(Luck: Luck will come through water. Those who work near water sources or the sea could be especially lucky. Scorpio people are advised to keep the north and east of the house clean and tidy. Let the wind blow through windows in those directions and make sure there is enough light. The north of the house's exterior should also be kept tidy and the east should have enough light. All these will bring luck to the Scorpios.


Dec 17 - Jan 14

(⏰) Work and finances: Work will show signs of improvement after mid-year, especially for those whose career is in the field of communication, finance, accounts and trading. People selling real estate or doing foreign import-export trading can expect business growth and rising sales volume. Business also will shine bright for household items and car accessories. Finances will get much better after April with good liquidity and the ability to settle debts. However, Sagittarius people this year should not invest in businesses they are not familiar with. New jobs do not necessarily mean better ones so be patient with your current position.

(♥) Relationships: Love is at a moderate level for Sagittarius people. Married couples might face financial issues and unprofitable investments which could affect the relationship. People who are in a relationship but not married might have misunderstandings but the situation will gradually improve after mid-year. Trust and understanding are key for Sagittarius people to get through relationship difficulties because most issues are caused by them letting emotions overcome rational thought. Also for Sagittarius people, 2023 is not a good year to get married. Couples who are not married but live together should keep their parents informed of their cohabitation. Otherwise, it could bring about trouble in the future.

(⛹) Health: Be careful of allergic rhinitis, allergies, flu and infections at the beginning of 2023. Keep social distance and wear protective masks in public areas. There is no likelihood of major sickness or accidents. Be especially vigilant in January, February, March, August, September and October for airborne infection.

(Luck: There will be no luck from gambling. In August and September, luck might come from seniors, career, foreign lands or from the lands such as from Japan, South Korea or Vietnam. Inside the country, luck could be found in a place crowded with foreigners such as Pattaya.


Jan 15 - Feb 13

(⏰) Work and finances: People who already have a job can expect untroubled work and may have a pay rise after mid-year. Those who are thinking of expanding their business or making a new investment can go ahead this year. 2023 is also a good year to find a side job. Finances are very positive for Capricorns, especially for those in communication and partnership. Capricorns may consider opening a new company doing foreign business.

(♥) Relationships: It's time to tie the knot for Capricorns. Single people should keep their eye open for love or trust your matchmaker friends. Socialising might lead you to your other half. To be in a relationship somehow requires your own effort first. Open yourself a door to opportunities to meet people and then fate can play its part. Married couples are likely to get support from others. Working or doing business with your partner could lead to success. For those whose relationship is clouded by ambiguity, it's time to be clear and strengthen the bonds.

(⛹) Health: People with heart diseases should be extra careful and undergo regular health checks. Capricorn people should avoid activities or sports that could injure the back such as weightlifting. They might also develop back pain, chest pain or a spine injury.

(Luck: Luck and success this year come from socialising. Keeping yourself at home shuts the door to more opportunities. Sometimes close friends can bring you luck or good news. Partnership and collaborative works even between husband and wife could also bring luck to Capricorns. Luck comes from the north, southeast and southwest. Making merit by donating water will bring in luck.


Feb 14 - March 13

(⏰) Work and finances: Finances are bright and will continue to be positive until April. Which means any money matter should be handled no later than mid-year. Make hay while the Sun shines. This opportunity does not come by easily. Foes and obstacles will gradually disappear while existing debts will not cause any headache. Partnerships have a good chance of success. Signing any agreement should be done after April.

(♥) Relationships: Love will get better after April. Aquarius should be careful of someone outside your relationship. Married couples might have arguments and misunderstandings but things will get slightly better after April. Keep in mind that patience is a virtue. Wait until October and then your love life will start to be obstacle-free. Loving couples who are not married should beware of change. Single people might run into love this year but should take it slow. For Aquarius, love and relationship this year is a mix of good and bad.

(⛹) Health: There is a likelihood of accidents especially in March, May, June, September and December. The riskiest month is December especially near Christmas and New Year celebrations. Be extra careful for riding, driving and accident-prone activities. Other than that, the overall health for Aquarius should see no problems.

(Luck: Luck comes from friends, socialising and communication and usually stems from the east and west. Therefore, doing business with foreigners both from Asian and Western countries will bring you luck. Aquarius should keep the east of the house clean and tidy, and should have a small water installation or a pond there. The west of the house should have a big tree with shade to prevent strong sunlight. Rooms in the west should be kept dark.


March 14 - April 13

(⏰) Work and finances: Work is likely to grow well. However, it also spells rising expenses and new investment. After April, finances will get better with improved cash flow. There are still a lot of investment bills to pay but it signifies business expansion. 2023 is a golden opportunity for Pisces to expand your business. Otherwise, you have to wait for five more years. Full-time workers are likely to get promoted or have a pay rise. Don't splurge. Cut unnecessary expenses.

(♥) Relationships: Love is smooth this year including marriage and engagement. Couples who share each other's pocket should be extra careful of too much spending which could potentially lead to arguments. Single people might find someone you like this year. Ask yourself if you are ready to be in a relationship. If not, it's fine. Office romance might happen or you might meet your crush during work trips.

(⛹) Health: There are chances of accidents around the legs, feet, ankles and knees especially from bicycle and motorcycle riding. Also be careful for accidents on high ground, be it construction, playing sports, hiking or parachuting. Other health issues Pisces might experience this year are bloating and dizziness.

(Luck: Luck derives from water or near water such as places like Chon Buri, Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan. Although Pisces might get lucky from gambling, this year you should be very watchful of your spending.

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