Junior interns learn the ropes

The 'Junior Archaeologist By Digitup' workshop. (Photos courtesy of Central Embassy)

Central Embassy invites children under 12 years old to try out their dream careers during "Open Fest: Junior Internship Days", at Open House co-living space, 6th floor, this Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

The event is a fun chance to take on the role of five interesting professions through internship simulation activities, starting from filling out a job application, taking a photo for an employee card, and getting a real internship to receiving a certificate of completion.

Five workshops are available. The "Junior Archaeologist By Digitup" will turn them into fossil hunters to dig for dinosaur bones in a large sand pit. Kids will learn about fossilisation while making fossil replicas and colour them, which they can take home. They'll also have fun sorting out dinosaur bones and reassembling them into a full skeleton.

The "Junior Scientist By Mad Science" workshop lets children discover the fascinating secrets of the air as well as sight and sound in four activities: Magical Air, Joyful Light, Illusory Sight and Mysterious Sound.

'Junior Fashion Designer By Sretsis' workshop. 

The "Junior Fashion Designer By Sretsis" workshop which will guide them in designing their own style of clothing and creating their own brands. For little chefs who love Japanese cuisine, they will learn to make rice balls at the "Junior Chef By Okonomi" workshop.

In another workshop, "Junior Ecologist By Little Legend", children will learn the basics of making compost from clay soil, leaves, leftovers and rocks.

Children who complete all five workshops will receive a free ice cream from Albero, popcorn and a movie ticket, while their parents will receive a 20% discount at Embassy Diplomat Screens.

There is no admission fee. Visit facebook.com/openhouse.ce.

'Junior Scientist By Mad Science' workshop.

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