In harmony with the universe

Exalting Dance necklace with a pair of intense blue aquamarines.

Last June, Piaget launched the first chapter of the Solstice trilogy. The narrative begins at dusk on the year's shortest day, which is followed by an all-night party.

The celebratory mood lingers as guests proclaim "Tonight's ours forever" in the recently-released third chapter.

Volume is played up in the new high jewellery, whose radiance is revealed through different angles and multiple shapes. The articulated designs of the watches and necklaces demonstrate Piaget's playfulness and attention to movement and fluidity.

For instance, the articulated Exalting Dance necklace is arranged around a pair of intense blue aquamarines and a twirling diamond volute, while the drop earrings are illuminated by brilliant, marquise and baguette-cut diamonds.

Piaget's gemology team dedicated months of research to craft the Everlasting Night watch using diamonds contrasting with blue sapphires, complemented by the mesmerising black opal dial.

Exalting Dance earrings sparkle with brilliant, marquise and baguette-cut diamonds.

Everlasting Night rings set with diamonds and sapphires.

A black opal dial shimmers on the Everlasting Night watch.

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