Paying homage to Hua Lamphong

To celebrate the 126th anniversary of the State Railway of Thailand, the Hua Lamphong station became a part of the Unfolding Bangkok event, which aims to boost tourism in the capital. From a centre for passengers travelling to Bangkok from all around the country, Hua Lamphong's traffic is now confined to a few train lines, but this classic station and its historical building remain significant.

Organised by the Creative Economy Agency and the State Railway of Thailand, "Living Old Building Hua Lamphong" welcomes visitors to the station until Sunday at 10pm with various activities such as light installations, projecting mapping, music performances and tours.

Created by Lighting Designers Thailand and DecideKit, "The Wall 2023: Unfolding Hua Lamphong" showcases lighting installations and projection mapping to narrate stories of Hua Lamphong and highlight the architectural features in three areas -- The Door, The People and The Emotion.

The Door is located at the curved glass entrance, which is a landmark of the station. The projection mapping displays virtual images of a magical door that can transport visitors to various destinations, including beautiful forests and underwater realms. At one point, visitors travel back to when Hua Lamphong was first built.

The People refers to the waiting area inside the station, illuminated with multicoloured installations. Visitors can enjoy music performances and food and take photos of the lighting installation.

The Emotion is a platform area where people meet and depart. The dark ambiance was designed to match dramatic emotions. One of the highlights of this zone is a steam locomotive that has been used since World War II.

"The Wall 2023: Unfolding Hua Lamphong" is held daily between 7pm to 10pm until Sunday.

For more details about the schedules of music performances, tours and other activities, visit

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