Casetify celebrates International Women's Month with new phone cases

Female creators from around the globe collaborate

To celebrate International Women's Month, Casetify, a brand known for its funky phone cases and accessories with cutting edge designs, launched a campaign aimed at empowering, inspiring and celebrating womanhood around the world by using its platform to let others hear the voice of the many female creators that are part of it's "Artist Program".

Throughout this month, Casetify will feature accessory designs from female artists on its social media page, which includes voice messages from the creators, discussing the inspiration behind their work.

Hand-lettering artist, illustrator and author, Huyen Dinh is from Vietnam and she presents "She Can". “I combine pastel colours, wobbly lettering and illustrations with quirky humour to bring positive vibes and encourage people to embrace their imperfections. As a Vietnamese woman artist, I want to express that spirit through my art and help validate other women of colour creatively. When other female artists look at my art, I hope to inspire them with the mindset: 'If she can do it, I can do it too'."

Mond Kim is a South Korean illustrator and graphic designer, and her case is called "Be My Muse". “There are many amazing women who have made a difference in my life. But it’s my past and my future self that influences me the most. I’m learning from my past self and working hard for my future self ahead. The more you trust and cherish yourself, the more you appreciate, enjoy, and cherish your work and the work process. Work that was born in that way gives itself the power to it."

Freelance graphic designer Kristen Peers' phone case is called "I’m Okay, It’s Okay". From the United States, Peers said, “All of the women in my life and family that have come before and after me have taught me so much. They inspire me to stay true to myself and to live a life full of compassion, strength and curiosity. My 'It’s okay, I’m okay' design is a mantra we can use to empower ourselves as we navigate our mental health journeys. Life is hard and it doesn’t always feel okay, and that’s okay! It’s a reminder to stop, take a breath, and refocus."

Nawaal Illustration, whose real name is Sarah Dahir, is an illustrator from South Africa. Her design "Keep Growing", she said was her aim to create art that celebrates sisterhood and community. "I also aim to show black women living an easy and carefree life. Often black women are expected to be strong, and I want to highlight the importance of resting and enjoying ourselves. I am fortunate enough to have three sisters, growing up we could always go to each other for anything. It showed me the importance of sisterhood,” she explained.

Sales from phone cases under this campaign will be donated to community-based organisation "She’s The First", which launched in 2009 on YouTube with the goal to inspire and motivate millennials to support the education of girls. Visit

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