Take in Earth's beauty at immersive Macao art spaces

Apart from taking a gondola around the Venetian Macao, vacationers will find new immersive holiday experiences at teamLab SuperNature Macao, which will open its doors on June 1. Thanks to permanent interactive installations and the Light Sculpture series, visitors will be able to take in the splendour of Earth’s nature and the colours of the universe in three brand-new art spaces.

Visitors can immerse themselves in an interactive garden of more than 8,000 live orchids, which are blooming in the air as if they’re floating in space, at Floating Flower Garden: Flowers And I Are Of The Same Root, The Garden And I Are One.  

Inspired by Zen gardens to help people become one with nature, the flowers gently begin to drift upward as you get closer to the curtain, and the petals begin to glide downward once again as you enter the room. 

The orchid can grow without soil and has a wide range of species. They co-evolve with specific pollen-carrying insects, and when their partner insects are active throughout the day, they emit stronger scents. 

The Massless Clouds Between Sculpture And Life resembles a massive, white cloud drifting over space. It can reach the ceiling and drop to the floor utilising the concept of mass since visitors are allowed to enter it physically. This work represents a living being that can repair itself after suffering an injury. However, if it undergoes severe damage, it will not be able to recover and will crumble. The corner of the En Tea House depicts how a flower grows within a teacup in an endless world. Flowers begin to bloom inside the teacup when the tea is poured. As the teacup is taken away, the blossoms disperse and spread outside of it. As long as there is tea, flowers will continue to bloom. The blossoms will vanish when the tea is consumed.

Numerous blinking and cycle-changing dots make up the Autonomous Abstraction, Continuous Phenomena From The Universe To The Self. The dots, near to one another, experience a spontaneous order phenomenon, which causes the blinking colours to eventually synchronise. When visitors touch the dots, the pattern of blinking colours will alter and become random, but the neighbouring dots soon resume blinking in unison.

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