Enter Spider-Verse at selected Burger King stores
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Enter Spider-Verse at selected Burger King stores

Spider-Man-inspired activities await fans of all ages

Enter Spider-Verse at selected Burger King stores

Burger King has joined forces with Sony Pictures to launch their Burger King Spider-Verse stores. These stores are adorned with characters from Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse, which hits Thai cinemas tomorrow, and offer activities that allow all fans of the superhero to immerse themselves in the Spider-Man universe.

The Spider-verse theme is applied to three branches namely Ratchada, Siam Paragon and Mega Bangna. We recommend Ratchada as there are many activities and photo ops awaiting visitors in several zones. 

At the Ratchada branch, customers can expect a wide array of activities designed to bring memorable moments for customers of all genders and ages.

"Workshop — Color The Mask" challenges the notion that Spider-Man masks are limited to a single colour scheme. Participants are invited to unleash their imagination in crafting their do-it-yourself Spider-Man masks. "Photo Zone — Hanging Upside Down" is a photo op unlike any other. As its name suggests, visitors can mimic the iconic stance of Spider-Man for memorable photos and, of course, share them on their social media platforms. At "AR Zone — Across To The Spider-Vverse", visitors are virtually transported into the Spider-Man multiverse, allowing them to get up close and personal with the beloved superhero. Conclude your visit at "Game Zone — I'm Wearing The Mask!". It allows everyone to be transformed into a Spider-Man. Participants can wear a Spider-Man mask and engage in a fun activity, such as jumping on a trampoline while trying to capture the desired pose.

Meanwhile, at Siam Paragon and Megabangna branches, visitors can anticipate a surprise appearance by Spider-Man. Along with his presence, there will be engaging activities for everyone to enjoy.

The Burger King Spider-Verse Store also hosts the “Birthday Wear The Mask Party”. This Spider-Verse-themed birthday party is specifically designed to bring joy to the lucky birthday boy/girl. Burger King will provide special gifts free of charge, making it a unique perk exclusively available to kids born in June. 

The Spider-Man experience is available at the three branches until June 30.

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