The first Sushi Summit in Thailand will be held from June 20-25
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The first Sushi Summit in Thailand will be held from June 20-25

Eight world-class omakase chefs join forces at The Food School

The first Sushi Summit in Thailand will be held from June 20-25

Thailand’s first “Sushi Summit: A Fusion of Culinary Mastery and Cultural Revelry” will be held at The Food School, Samyan from June 20-25. This comes hot on the heels of the summit being held in Malaysia for the last four years, though the Thailand one is on a much larger scale.

For six days, Sushi masters from Japan, Malaysia, Israel, Australia and Thailand will spearhead a gastronomic journey in various forms.

• June 20 — “Sip & Savor” and “Sushi Masterclass”.

A premium sake and sushi experience, Saichiro Tsuji, CEO of Sake Seeker, a Gozenshu sake brewery, will explore the world of sake and find new pairing possibilities to complement the sushi prepared by Makoto Saito Sam, chef-patron of Sushi Hibiki at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. Participants will learn about sake, its production process, taste different types of sake and discover their best match, while being entertained with insider stories from Tsuji. The  workshop takes place from 2-5pm and costs B2,900 per person.

The “Sushi Masterclass” takes place with chefs Sam; Hiroyuki Sato of Ginza’s most popular sushi restaurant, Hakkoku; Israel-based private chef Rio Suehiro,; Eddie Ng from Ed Ju and Oka Ju in Malaysia; and Shimpei Hatanaka from Australia’s Sake Restaurant & Bar. The masterclass is for culinary school students or Japanese cuisine chefs to enhance their sushi-making skills. The masterclass shares the history of sushi and its cultural importance in Japan while participants will be taught how to handle sushi knives and master basic knife skills. Included is a step-by-step on how to create perfect sushi rice and select and prepare different types of fish for sushi like nigiri, maki and temaki. The masterclass will be held from 6-9pm and costs B4,500++ per person.

● June 21-22 — “Sushi Summit: An Omakase Date With Elite Chefs”

Only 24 diners at this omakase experience will be served in two, three-hour rounds by eight chefs. Chefs serving the ultimate omakase with yamayuki tuna, one of Japan’s finest tunas sourced from Toyosu Market, megai-awabi or abalone and biwa trout, a rare fish native to Japan’s Lake Biwa, will be chefs Sam, Sato, Masato Shimizu from Bangkok’s Sushi Masato, Randy Noprapa, chef-patron of Bangkok’s Fillets, Hatanaka, Suehiro, Ng and Tomoki Sasada of Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit’s Sasada Omakase. The lunch is served from noon to 2pm and dinner from 8-10pm and both cost B12,500++ per person.

• June 23 — Endless Isaan Izakaya & Sake Revelry

An endless Friday night to remember with the merger of two cultures, Japan and Thailand. Experts from Onson, handcrafted white spirit aka sato from Sakon Nakhon, and Bacchus Global will provide an introduction of the history and significance of Thai rice wine and sake, which will be served in unlimited pours of the hand-picked selections. The sato and sake will be paired with an Isaan-style izakaya prepared by chef James Pongsakorn Boonraksa of Kaiju Bangkok. The dinner is from 6-9pm and costs B3,000 with free-flow rice wine and sake, and B2,000 for food only.

● June 24 — “Tea, Flowers and Tranquility” and “Oceanic Fusion: Bluefin Tuna & Oysters”

Chajin Tea Supply and Chabana by BLGR will hold a workshop on the captivating worlds of matcha and chabana, which is a Japanese tea flower arrangement. Participants uncover how to properly brew matcha using the right utensils and to enhance the experience, snacks will be  provided. The art of seasonal tea flower arrangement and its meticulous technique of arranging flowers for the tearoom will also be taught. The workshop will be from 2-5pm and costs B3,800 per person.

From the Japanese seas to Bangkok plates, the “Oceanic Fusion” culinary journey on honours the freshness and authenticity of connoisseur-grade ingredients combined with the craftsmanship of sushi chefs, including chef Joe Sang from Kaijin Bangkok. The immersive experience is led by chefs Hatanaka and Suehiro. Highlights include Bluefin tuna from Wakayama and oysters from Hokkaido. Unlimited handcrafted tipples prepared by Kei Sawada, Bangkok-based Japanese mixologist, and wine from Fin Wine Thailand will be paired with the meal. The dinner is from 6-9pm and costs B4,500 with free-flow alcohol and B3,500 for food only.

● June 25 — Sunday Brunch Sensations

The Shokunin (“artisanal” in Japanese) Sunday Brunch will see chefs Suehiro and Hatanaka prepare a variety of dishes on the spot, providing a unique blend of interactive dining and traditional elegance. Fresh premium seafood and grilled meats will be accompanied by a vast array of dishes and crafted artisanal bread and pastries. Each meal is prepared following kaiseki and kappou philosophies, highlighting the best seasonal ingredients. Sommeliers from Wine & Spirit Academy will share their secrets, give tips on how to create gourmet masterpieces at home and pair the perfect wine with the meal. The Sunday Brunch Sensations is from noon to 3pm for B5,800 with free-flow wine and cocktails from Sawada, and B4,300 for food only.

There will be another Sushi Summit held in December, but details have yet to be announced. Call 061-471-8496, email or visit

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