Inside 'Fractured Realities' at Central: The Original Store

Inside 'Fractured Realities' at Central: The Original Store

The group exhibition by three female artists is on view until July 31

Inside 'Fractured Realities' at Central: The Original Store

Now on view at Central: The Original Store on Charoen Krung Road is a group exhibition by up-and-coming female artists, Wanda Chaima, Saengrawee Klangmanee and Rattanapron Sisawat. They have used their artworks as a way to question or critique the status quo —politically, socially and culturally.

"Fractured Realities" houses a refreshing collection of 14 thought-provoking paintings from the three artists, whose artworks encourage introspection and dialogue around mental and emotional wellness. Through their canvases, these artists tap into the world of cartoon characters, creating a captivating visual narrative that sparks contemplation and invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of the human experience.

With her distinct artistic vision, the 25-year-old Wanda encapsulates the intricate dimensions of humanity, deftly capturing and shedding light on the contradictions that are woven into the fabric of modern society.

Saengrawee's Bud Bunny comes to life as a protagonist who invites viewers into an adventure, exploring the friendship between people from different walks of life. With its composed expression, her split-tip pointy-ears rabbit remains cool as a cucumber, indicating its bravery and resilience in the face towards the challenges lying ahead in the future, all in pursuit of its ultimate goal: inner peace.

Presented under the theme of "Human Allergies", Rattanapron's main character in her narrative is portrayed by a doll, accompanied by dust mites. Unseen to the human eye, dust mites dwell within the dolls, silently posing potential life-threatening risks. This serves as the artist's analogy, highlighting how hidden malevolence lurks in every aspect of society, often remaining unnoticed until it is too late for us to become aware of the real dangers.

Taking place in the event space on the 4th floor of Central: The Original Store, the "Fractured Realities" exhibition is on display until July 31. Visitors can also craft their version of a disrupted reality at the painting workshop, "Sapore Dell'Arte", on the 3rd floor, where these artists will guide you step-by-step.

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