Experience the future of art at Siam Paragon
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Experience the future of art at Siam Paragon

Miguel Chevalier and his digital art. photos courtesy of Siam Paragon
Miguel Chevalier and his digital art. photos courtesy of Siam Paragon

Digital art enthusiasts are invited to explore a new tech community called "SCBX Next Tech, Your Future Space" located on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon, and also join the "Digital Art Talk With Miguel Chevalier" on Wednesday, from 1-3pm.

A collaboration with SCBX and numerous world-class partners, this co-creation community offers a unique opportunity to engage in a variety of self-development activities from top-notch Thai and international partners and business leaders.

Held with the aim to make it a top-of-mind tech destination for tech savvies across the globe, the co-creation project features an unparalleled interactive art tech experience crafted by world-renowned digital artist Miguel Chevalier.

Growing up during the early 1980s, Chevalier was fascinated by artistic expressions influenced by the avant-garde movements of the Western world. Since his studies at France's National School of Fine Arts where he first encountered a computer, he has acquired and broadened his digital expertise over the course of four decades.

Today, he has become a globally acclaimed artist who stands as one of the most sought-after figures for art collaboration by many. He has consistently generated buzz and excitement through a series of world-class digital art exhibitions.

Some of his notable showcases include "Meta-Nature AI 2023" in South Korea; "A L'Infini 2023" in France; "Extra-Natural 2023" in Germany; and "Digital Moires 2022" in Luxembourg.

In Thailand, his Magic Carpets presentation at the "2018 Bangkok Illumination By Miguel Chevalier" event held at Iconsiam was exceptionally well-received. His latest creations are now showcased at SCBX Next Tech at Siam Paragon.

The upcoming art talk is an opportunity to experience the thrill of his interactive art and insights. There is no admission fee but seats are limited. To register, visit forms.gle/CfvgjmW6h3tCnf1LA.

Miguel Chevalier and his digital art. Siam Paragon

Visit facebook.com/SCBXNextTech.

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