Cartier unveils the largest boutique in Thailand
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Cartier unveils the largest boutique in Thailand

The French luxury jeweller and watchmaker opens an 'urban oasis' at The Emporium


Cartier recently launched its largest boutique in Thailand at The Emporium, showcasing its sophisticated signatures and inspirations from Thai culture.

The star-studded launch event epitomised the Parisian-style luxury. The boutique’s visual narrative weaves the maison’s signature theme into the concept of an abundant urban oasis amid a bustling modern city.

Among the attendees were Thanapob “Tor” Leeratanakachorn, the first Thai named a friend of the maison. Tor was joined by up-and-coming artist Jeff Satur, whose presence reflects Cartier’s embrace of diverse identities; heartthrob singer and rapper Jaokhun Jakrapat; multitalented personality Poyd Treechada; and actor Prim Chanikarn, one of the breakout female stars of the year. Other VIP guests included actor and environmental activist Kemupsorn “Cherry” Sirisukha, who shared her socially conscious work experience at the recent Cartier Women’s Initiative event hosted by Cartier Thailand.

Transforming the façade leading to the boutique into a giant art installation, Cartier worked with internationally acclaimed Thai illustrator Pomme Chan to create a special augmented reality (AR) experience. Key Cartier icons, including the Tutti Frutti collection, and the Panther are digitally brought to life.

The boutique of 500m² in size has undergone a breathtaking transformation. Besides the "Flora & Fauna" theme, the unique cityscape of Sukhumvit where lush parks are embraced by the skyscrapers serves as the other half of design inspiration. Thus, the urban oasis concept. The bestiary of crocodiles, zebras, giraffes, birds and the emblematic panther are seamlessly integrated into the boutique’s decor, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Thailand.

Inspired by elements of this visual narrative, from the paintings to the architectural elements to the palette of Thailand’s sunrises and sunsets, Pomme Chan has created a stunning work incorporating iconic animals of the Cartier menagerie and the indigenous flora of Thailand.

Commenting on her collaboration with Cartier, as well as the creative inspiration behind it, she said: “I was excited to draw on Cartier’s iconic emblems, which come to life on the screen, and to create an interactive AR that visitors can play with. It is a truly special digital experience and a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts. In terms of the illustration concept, I took Cartier’s key signatures, such as the ‘Flora & Fauna’ theme and animal-design jewellery, and incorporated Thai architectural features such as roof forms, the lotus, and other Thai flower motifs. I want visitors to know from the very first moment that this is Cartier Thailand.”

The Cartier experience starts with the interactive façade at the entrance to the Emporium Tower, where the panther motif is rendered in three different styles via sensors, and continues just outside the boutique’s main entrance. There, the Thai architecture-inspired decorative theme becomes harmonised with Cartier’s distinctive identity. The decorative motifs, reminiscent of the palm-leaf roofs of traditional Thai houses, stand out with the glowing gold tones of the marble-and-onyx wall. The digital experience is until Sept 24.

Upon entering the boutique, visitors will find the Ladies’ Jewellery zone, whose design is inspired by the architecture of the Temple Of The Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. A pair of columns modelled on temple pillars draws the eye with their magnificence, while the interior palette of gold, beige and ivory adds to the welcoming ambience. Iconic collections are also showcased against a backdrop inspired by Wat Pho at this zone. 

In the heart of the boutique, the Feminine Universe-themed Bridal Zone lies under a dome ceiling whose majesty enhances the exclusive atmosphere. The boutique’s overall design reflects a harmonious encounter between contemporary Thai and Parisian styles, an encounter best captured by the Bridal Zone’s showpiece and principal artwork of the boutique, which draws inspiration from one of Bangkok’s most iconic landmarks, the Temple Of Dawn and Cartier’s emblem, the Panther. The Gentlemen’s and Unisex Jewellery zones feature tropical decor against a background of intricate glass marquetry whose pattern reflects the country’s natural riches. Customer care is provided in the two VIP salons and Care Service zone, whose vibe evokes a luxury villa amid beautiful Thai nature.

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