Cantonese cuisine takes on a modern look

Cantonese cuisine takes on a modern look

Mei Jiang at The Peninsula Bangkok welcomes a new Chinese executive chef

Cantonese cuisine takes on a modern look

New Chinese executive chef Ho King Yip aka chef Victor brings three decades of expertise to The Peninsula Bangkok's Mei Jiang Restaurant.

At Mei Jiang Restaurant, renowned for its Cantonese-Chinese cuisine, chef Victor brings innovation to the table in his new menu that are inspired by his journey through some of the most prestigious kitchens across Asia. 

“We carefully selected these specific dishes for our menu due to our commitment to the traditional Cantonese cuisine. We've incorporated a wide array of authentic ingredients from around the world, blending them seamlessly with traditional Cantonese recipes. This approach allows us to offer a taste of Cantonese cuisine that can delight guests from all corners of the globe,” says chef Victor.

The menu showcases the finest locally-sourced and international ingredients in classic Cantonese dishes. It embraces the cherished Cantonese family-style sharing tradition, offering guests an exquisite taste of authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine. 

There are unexpected but delicious and decadent-sounding creations features such as braised abalone, sea cucumber, chicken, shrimp, black mushroom, Brococoli in clay pot, Wok fried Wagyu beef with onions in claypot, Double-boiled fish maw soup with sea conch and Chinese yam, Stewed snow fish fillet and eggplant with black pepper sauce and the Chinese timeless classic, The Peninsula’s Peking duck.

His signature dish is available only on pre-order and is Salt-baked chicken. It's a special dish is priced at B888. “I begin the dish by selecting a suitably large and meaty chicken. I then marinate it with ginger, green onions, star anise and garlic juice for 1.5 hours. It is wrapped in lotus leaves and stir-fried in crystal salt until it's hot and emits smoke. The chicken is then placed in the centre of the heated crystal salt and covered. The last step is to slowly bake the chicken over low heat until it's completely cooked, which takes approximately 4.5 hours,” explains chef Victor.

To try chef Victor's culinary skills in crafting intricate dishes, which are available in tasting menus and a la carte, at Mei Jiang, call 02–020-6969 or email

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