Sweet and savoury
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Sweet and savoury

Patisserie Rosie Bangkok finds a new home at Bambini Villa

Sweet and savoury

Since November, Patisserie Rosie has relocated from Thong Lor 10 to Bambini Villa, a family-centric community mall.

It went from a French cafe to a proper restaurant, shedding its shophouse setting for a spacious glass box-esque vibe while keeping its teal exterior and font. Menu-wise, while Patisserie Rosie is already known for its French mousse cakes, now it offers a full-fledged menu which covers sweet and savoury, the latter of which could be described as French and Italian cuisines with a twist. 

Le Cordon Bleu alumnus Champ Panichkul, previously in charge of the Western kitchen at Baan Nam Kieng Din, went out of his comfort zone by foraying into French pastry. His skills were further refined at L'Ecole Valrhona Paris under the tutelage of chef Christophe Domange, eventually leading to the opening of Patisserie Rosie. With 15 years of experience under his belt, he isn't afraid to experiment (which may or may not please your palate) with his culinary creations and it shows in Patisserie Rosie's menu.  

Burrata & tomato salad is a refreshing start with the mild and creamy cheese and the (welcoming in my book) twist comes in the form of chilli oil and crispy garlic.

Pappardelle with meat ragout is very impressive. The broad and flat pasta is pleasantly chewy while the ragout made of beef-pork combo is succulent and aromatic. Another pasta standout is Linguine carbonara which features genuine Guanciale or smoked pork jowl, sourced directly from Italy.

Pizza diavola has this sweet and spicy quality from chilli honey on top of tonnes of flavour from pepperoni and 'nduja, Italian spreadable pork sausage.  

You should save room for desserts for they put Patisserie Rosie on Bangkok's dining map in the first place. Their sweet creations are all Instagram-worthy and a showcase of finesse.  

Yuzu tart should refresh your palate with its citrus piquancy which is deletably offseted by yoghurt mousse. Matcha mousse looks like a moss-covered log with a flower trapped inside a dew drop at the top. The dew drop is actually mizu shingen mochi (raindrop cake) with sakura inside while the log itself contains sesame sponge cake inside. Tulakalum rose features single-origin Valrhona chocolate with raspberry compote cream and chocolate ganache underneath all those bright red petals.

Those with a sweet tooth also have Viennoiserie (French-style baked goods), macarons, scones and canelé to indulge in.  

If you want an epicurean experience, Patisserie Rosie hosts a "dinner club" twice a month, which offers a five-course dinner with fancy-schmancy creations. Think Squid ink pasta with ebi botan tartare and bisque sauce and Cannelloni of crab and yuzu dashi gel. This month, they will host special dinners on May 18 and May 31 with optional Iran's Beluga caviar served with all the trimmings. Go to Patisserie Rosie Bangkok's Facebook page. 

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