2015 Thailand’s top graduate employers

Thailand’s Top Graduate Employers (TTGE) was first conducted in 2004. TTGE 2015 is the 5th time the survey has been conducted. The highlight is Thailand’s most reputable companies classified by industry and type of businesses. The main objective of the survey is to benchmark Thailand’s most recognized companies as perceived by new hires and professional audiences. The Employers of Choice survey demonstrated the most preferred firms among career seekers.

TTGE provides in-depth and trustworthy recruitment data to help greenhorns and working professionals choose their desired employers. The survey results can be used as employment guidelines for high calibre graduates who are looking not only to enter the workplace but to climb the corporate ladder swiftly. The TTGE 2015 survey has been conducted with 2,415 samples while the Employers of Choice survey has 1,829 samples.

Survey Method

Respondents were asked to name top companies in their minds and their employers of choice classified by industry. Key reasons to identify top employers, criteria used in choosing employers, and job placement criteria are given by the respondents. Information about the Gen Y demographic was obtained from qualitative focus groups.

Better Understanding of Recent Graduates

GEN Y Characteristics

Technology and the digital society/world has widened Gen Y’s interest. They are more competent in utilizing available resources to their advantage and accomplishing their tasks in less time with technology.

Such circumstances have affected Gen Y’s decision-making and commitment. They are more reluctant to enter their professional life than previous generations. To get rich and famous fast, have an outgoing lifestyle, face challenges, and switch on the easiest mode of being are Gen Y’s aspirations and benchmarks of life. They demonstrate a low level of tolerance with no consistent plan and many values in life. All they care about is to live their lives in the here and now.

In terms of work, Gen Ys are polite when they are approached professionally but they do not commit themselves. This negative characteristic makes it more difficult for many firms to acquire new hires. It is therefore not surprising that around 50% of GYs leave the organization a few months after they are hired. Those who persist with their work are often raised by less well-off families.

Shortage of Professionals

Corporations now fear being short of professionals, making it more likely that the retirement age will be extended to 65 years for both government and private sectors. Today graduates start their professional life in their very late 20’s. Those who have performed well in college choose to be self-employed instead of joining a firm. Social media is a major tool Millennials use to network for personal, commercial, and career purposes. It is also a platform where they use their appearance to call attention to themselves instead of using their talent and academic achievements.

Gen Ys are the future of the Thai Workforce

By 2025, Generation X will become the largest population segment in Thailand. Unlike Baby Boomers who dig their heels in at the workplace until the traditional retirement age of 60 years or later, Gen X work hard so that they can retire early, resulting in a decrease in the working population and a potential shortfall of professionals in the future. This may prompt companies in Thailand to import skilled professionals from other countries, similar to the current situation in the Thai unskilled labour sector. Unless Gen Ys are encouraged to enter the working world and adapt themselves to coping with future challenges with government support, it will be more difficult to replenish the working population and find enough Thai professionals to fill the positions needed by global companies.

Characteristics of Dream Employers

Gen Ys know what they want but most of it is wishful thinking. They look for perfection but they do not have a clear picture of perfection they will be satisfied with. Corporate reputation, attractive remuneration, and an opportunity to network are their major concerns in selecting an employer. Social and entertainment activities are crucial to attract and retain Gen Ys who want to grow fast professionally and have no fear of meeting challenges in order to step up to another level...

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