Unconventional tours

Unconventional tours

Fun and creative ways to see and experience Thailand

Unconventional tours

Bangkok has got so much to offer for tourists, so much that we don't even need to talk about the rest of Thailand, what with its southern beaches and mountains in the North. But since Bangkok is such a tourist hotspot, the usual tourist locations are just that -- the usual. Is there a way of seeing and experiencing the city with new eyes, be it your first time travelling here or after a lifetime living here? We here at Guru have compiled a number of tours that will do just that. Whether you want to experience Bangkok's nightlife or the roots of the local lifestyle, we're sure you'll find something below that'll help you experience the city -- and what lies beyond -- like never before.


http://gosnoop.co, http://fb.com/GoSnoop 092-707-2702, contact@gosnoop.co

Fulfill your fantasy of being a detective and become a wanna-be Sherlock Holmes by booking a "tour" with GoSnoop. We say "tour" because while it's a way to explore and experience Bangkok, it is also a mission/case you have to solve with your friends. Right now, GoSnoop has one mission ready for you to take on but it has got two more on the way, hopefully in the coming month or so, so be sure to keep updated with them. You'l be divided into teams and given instructions and clues which will send you to different streets off the beaten track. As you discover hidden gems that even most locals aren't aware of, you're also chasing down clues with your teammates to solve the mystery set before you. Basically, you're exploring certain parts of Bangkok in the most fun way possible with friends.


http://takemetour.com, http://fb.com/takemetour support@takemetour.com

TakeMeTour specialises in one-day tours led by local experts that know these locations like the back of their hand. The tours range widely in location, from being just around here in Bangkok to all the way down to Phuket. They also offer a variety of experiences, whether you want to explore Chinatown, attend a fruit carving class, go café hopping or explore the Mekong River. All the tours are led by a local expert who is screened thoroughly by TakeMeTour. These experts give invaluable insights into the local culture and way of life -- all the stuff that you won't find on any website or in any book.


http://amazingadventurebangkok.com, http://fb.com/amazingadventurebangkok 062-792-7274, socialmedia@amazingadventurerbangkok.com

Perhaps you already have an idea of what this tour is like after reading its name. Following the basic idea of The Amazing Race TV show, this tour divides guests into teams where they compete against each other by racing all around the city, where they have to battle it out in intellectual and physical activities, all while discovering and exploring the many parts of Bangkok. The teams each have a budget and it's up to them how they're going to spend the money for transportation or on certain missions. There's a variety of trails to choose from so it's not just the same "course" that previous guests have already been taken on. There's a sports trail for those who want to be active and compete against other teams in sporting activities, and there's also the gastronomy trail which allows teams to explore local cuisine. Guests at each stop will be guided by local experts, so if you're a noob to Muay Thai or fruit carving, don't worry -- a friendly Thai local will be there to assist you.


http://localalike.com, http://fb.com/LocalAlike 02-115-9861

Local Alike has what it's dubbed "curated collections" all over the country that guests can choose from. These are basically a variety of tours for different preferences. Urban or rural, one day or overnight, relaxing or active -- it's up to you. What's great about Local Alike's "curated collections" is that they collaborate with local communities so that travellers' choices actually benefit these local communities and have a positive impact, what's called "community based tourism". In fact, guests can choose what causes they care about from the webpage, whether it be environmental conservation or education, and Local Alike will filter tours that fit their criteria.


http://hivesters.com, http://fb.com/hivesters 090-678-4695, info@hivesters.com

When we think of "cultural activities" here in Bangkok, the same old usual ones come to mind: temple hopping, shopping at the floating market -- all that good stuff. HiveSters provide tourists with activities that really get you into local culture, encouraging you to do as locals do. Forget about being a tourist who's on the outside looking in -- get into the nitty gritty and feel like a local. Want to experience being a fisherman in Koh Yao Noi? Or perhaps explore the culture of the Lisu hill tribe of Chiang Mai and actually spend a night in one of their huts? HiveSters has this and a whole bunch of other activities that you can choose from for a fully immersive experience of Thai culture. The best thing about it is it's not just limited to the Bangkok area. These activities are scattered throughout the whole country. Moreover, HiveSters calls itself a "Travel Social Enterprise" that seeks to make a sustainable change in Thai tourism.


Tanao Road, 4/4 Soi Troksin http://fb.com/innspirebangkok 085-689-3383, hello@bangkokvanguards.com

Khao San Road is known as party central and a backpacker haven for tourists. If you're looking for very affordable accommodation and a wild night out, Khao San is the place to go. But a few minutes away from the (in)famous road lies Innspire Bangkok. Having dubbed itself a "homestay and co-creation space", Innspire is more than just a place to crash. It wants to immerse you in the culture and show you hidden gems of the city that common tourist guides won't. The hosts take it upon themselves and can go with you on a bike ride or simply have an engaging conversation about the culture and history of the city with them. Innspire is also a community centre, a place where both locals and guests can connect. It is also part of Bangkok Vanguards, a group that does unconventional tours in Bangkok, so guests are able to combine one of their tours when they book a room.


http://bangkokhangovertours.com, http://fb.com/BangkokHangover 080-099-9445, bangkokhangovertour@gmail.com

Ever imagined yourself being part of the Wolfpack gang and going through that insane drunk ordeal here in Bangkok we all witnessed in The Hangover II? Well, you can get the whole experience minus the stress of losing a brother-in-law, running from the Russian mafia, or trying to please a father-in-law that demeans you. Bangkok Hangover will take you to the iconic nightclubs as seen in the film as well as a slew of other famous ones. The tour prides itself in giving guests a hassle and rip-off-free experience so that all they have to do is enjoy and have fun safely and securely. It's a must for those who want to experience Bangkok nightlife without the fear of being taken advantage of or running into any trouble. Oh, and did we mention you're able to get the Mike Tyson face tattoo for free, too?

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