Appeal your consumers and associate positive experiences to your brand with contents

Bangkok Post Online can help all marketers achieve your advertising and marketing objectives by offering a wide variety of rich media formats to help you strengthen brand awareness and ultimately yield a high ROI. Whether your ads is the standard IAB placements or the specification below to us or request for innovative ads solutions display, we are eager to help you create new experiences for your consumers.

Interact with our social community to your wider business

Once your contents is created and published. We aim to distribute and engage your product and brands with our online communities on our social media and web fans. Also, We can create long-term social media marketing activities that works towards your business goals - be it brand awareness, customer engagement, driving traffic to your website or straightforward sales.

Available tactic and format include

  • Article marketing

    Your content can be formatted in advertorial, case studies, white paper, fact sheet, PR news, and testimonial.

  • Multimedia contents

    including VDO, infographic, slideshows, eBook download and eMagazine in tablet.

  • Social media distribution

    Your information will be communicated to our social media fan.

  • Email marketing

    Reach our specific target audiences through our opt-in member with email marketing under your brand or our periodical eNewsletter

  • Brand channels

    Building up your exclusive channels or even your micro sites under your brands to aggregate your contents in multiple formats.

  • Search Engine marketing

    Your web page will be indexed in search engine i.e. Google, Bing etc.

For additional information on product overview and guideline, please contact us

Available metric include

  • Impression
  • Reach
  • View
  • Download