Boonrak Boonyaketmala

Former dean at Thammasat University

Boonrak Boonyaketmala is a former professor and dean at Thammasat University, and programme director at the Thailand Research Fund. He is the author of 11 books and many book chapters on media policy, industry, politics, culture and society printed in Asia, America, and Europe, and by Unesco. Comments welcome at

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Boonrak Boonyaketmala
17 Dec 2015

Political vision needed

Thais have become known for their skills at muddling through, but that is not enough when only basic structural change is called for.

17 Dec 2015
8 Dec 2015

US misadventure

Ambassador Glyn T Davies finds no matter how good the intentions, hard-line politicking is unlikely to bring the desired results.

8 Dec 2015 1
30 Nov 2015

A research icon

Although the 1997 constitution was hardly perfect, it can serve as a model in the type of research this government now claims to favour.

30 Nov 2015 1
21 Nov 2015

Freedom of thought distorted by party-run media

One of the keys to sustaining any political order is talk, or, more precisely, constant talk in a definite direction through half-truths, so noise will be absorbed into the thick air of propaganda.

21 Nov 2015 5
7 Nov 2015

The poverty of our political discourse

Given the often war-like weekly announcements of tough, sometimes intimidating positions by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha...

7 Nov 2015 1
The poverty of our political discourse
26 Oct 2015

TV killing field

The sad tale of how the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) ruined digital TV - and the steps necessary to revive it.

26 Oct 2015 2
TV killing field
19 Oct 2015

Where's the quality?

Almost 10 years ago, Thai PBS was established, roughly in the BBC model, but two billion baht later and the focus is still on internal drama.

19 Oct 2015 1