Frank Bruni

Columnist for The New York Times

Frank Bruni is a columnist for The New York Times.

Frank Bruni
20 Sep 2016

Ignore these rankings

The new US News college rankings are out. Here's why they are ridiculous and why high school students and parents should stop obsessing over them.

20 Sep 2016 2
Ignore these rankings
11 Jul 2016

America is divided by race, united by pain

There aren't any ready answers for how to end this cycle of bloodshed, these heart-rending images from Louisiana and Minnesota and Texas of a country in desperate trouble, with so much pain to soothe, rage to exorcise and injustice to confront.

11 Jul 2016 10
America is divided by race, united by pain
20 Jun 2016

The Trump factor

Republicans are racing for the exits, away from The Donald, and at next month's convention already shows animosity that continues to get worse.

20 Jun 2016 1
14 Jun 2016

The scope of carnage

Florida was not just an attack on LGBT people, and Charlie Hebdo was not just against satirists, but both were attacks on freedom itself.

14 Jun 2016
12 Feb 2016

Hillary's crazy feminism

There's a weird strain of thought around Ms Clinton's campaign, that we should vote for her because she's a woman, an onus tied to gender inequality.

12 Feb 2016 1