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Pongpet Mekloy is the Bangkok Post's travel editor and a mountain bike freak.

Pongpet Mekloy
7 Dec 2020

Ways to help make a change

As usual, time flies. Believe it or not but we're already in the final weeks of 2020 and despite the pandemic, which has put much of the world in idle mode, it's been quite an eventful year here in Thailand, especially on the political front. But is there another way to create a better society other than mass demonstrations and fierce online wars with complete strangers who think differently? Is there anything one can do that will instantly and effectively result in positive change?

7 Dec 2020 1
Ways to help make a change
5 Oct 2020

Snake invasion targets our homes

It's not something that makes headlines but it happens so often in this country and there is no law to protect you. Almost every day, people find trespassers in their homes in the form of serpents.

5 Oct 2020 1
3 Aug 2020

Unity in Olympics

If Covid-19 had not struck the planet, we would be enjoying humanity's most celebrated sporting event by now -- the Summer Olympics. This year's Olympics has been postponed and rescheduled to take place between July 23 and Aug 8 next year, leading many to now refer to it as Tokyo 2020+1. Anyway, thinking about the Olympics takes my thoughts back to Atlanta 1996.

3 Aug 2020
18 May 2020

Adapting new handwashing solutions

Considering its microscopic size, it's amazing how the novel coronavirus has easily kept us humans -- the species which rules the planet -- tamely at bay. Millions of people around the globe are now spending time confining themselves at home rather than venturing outside. As a result, various aspects of life, from finance to romance and so much in between, need to change. Some of these behavioural changes have already become or are predicted to become, the so-called new normal.

18 May 2020 11
10 Feb 2020

Come live with me

Imagine yourself shuffling out of your bedroom in the morning to find the girl next door sitting on your favourite sofa chatting on the phone. On the other side of the large living room, another neighbour is working on his laptop. At the dining table, a familiar couple are enjoying breakfast. In the kitchen, somebody's cooking a cheese omelette.

10 Feb 2020 1
30 Dec 2019

The flow of time

Just a day and a few hours from now it's going to be 2020. Do you notice anything? We're already two decades into the "new" millennium!

30 Dec 2019
The flow of time
21 Oct 2019

New tricks for an old dog

With the constant evolution of the internet and digital technology, the world has changed furiously fast. Many aspects of life are no longer the same. At the age of 51, I know full well if I want to survive another decade I've got to learn a new skill. So I took up aikido.

21 Oct 2019
12 Aug 2019

Love your mother, love your country

Today is National Mother's Day. In recent years, every time the occasion has come around, I've been reminded of a popular Isan folk tale.

12 Aug 2019 3
10 Jun 2019

Living in the past

Apart from giving rise to keyboard warriors and other nuisances, the digital age also has a good side. One thing I love most about today's world is that it has given me easy access to tons of photographs from the distant past. And that, at least to me, is almost like time travel.

10 Jun 2019 1
8 Apr 2019

What Thai youths do not know

It's no secret that a large number of new-generation Thais have poor attitudes toward their homeland. Scornful posts and non-constructive comments are rampant on the internet. The causes of their resentment are numerous: politics, traffic, laws, the economy, culture, social values, cost of living -- you name it.

8 Apr 2019 38