Lazeena Muna-McQuay

Development professional

Lazeena Muna-McQuay is a development professional who specialises in gender, human rights and sexual health. She provides technical support to several international organisations, after transitioning from a 12-year tenure with the United Nations.

Lazeena Muna-McQuay
15 Sep 2018

The start of a new era of sexual rights in South Asia

For India to embrace the evolving understanding of sexual rights by removing an archaic legacy of colonial time placing individuals at the centre of the argument is a watershed moment in the history of South Asia and beyond. It was inspiring to find Justice Deepak Misra began quote Goethe "I am what I am, so take me as I am" in his ruling.

15 Sep 2018 1
9 Mar 2017

Scandalous gender inequality

In 'tolerant Thailand' brutal murders of gays and lesbians are treated too often as 'love gone sour' instead of as the hate crimes that they usually are.

9 Mar 2017 2
Scandalous gender inequality