Meir Shlomo

Israeli ambassador

Meir Shlomo is the Israeli ambassador.

Meir Shlomo
27 Jan 2020

Auschwitz lesson still not learned

Seventy-five years ago today, on Jan 27 1945, it must have seemed as if the gates of hell themselves had been thrown open. The liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp, by Soviet forces finally brought home the full horrors of the Holocaust to a shocked world. What the soldiers of the Red Army saw when they entered the camp was simply inconceivable in its dreadfulness. They found thousands of sick, starving and tortured victims, who had been confined in appalling, harrowing conditions, and the evidence of the extermination of around 1.1 million innocent people.

27 Jan 2020 11
16 Aug 2019

Adopt new tech to solve drought

The severe droughts that have been troubling parts of Thailand over the past few years, not to mention other countries in the region, represent a serious and worrying phenomenon, especially if they strike during what should be the monsoon period. Water shortages in the middle of the crop-planting season not only cause local farmers to suffer, but they also have much wider ripple effects.

16 Aug 2019 1
30 Jan 2019

The swastika sensitivity

Casual and thoughtless display of Nazi symbols upsets and even traumatises millions around the world. The solution is education, followed by more education.

30 Jan 2019 60
The swastika sensitivity