Nauvarat Suksamran


Nauvarat Suksamran
2 Nov 2019

Time to push China for real Mekong partnership

The Asean summit offers a great opportunity for Mekong riparian countries to press China, a major dialogue partner, on commitments for sustainable development of the region's most important river.

2 Nov 2019 2
19 Oct 2019

Cave rescue a story worth sharing with the world

It's official now. The Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai, where the rescue operation of 12 young footballers and their coach captivated a global audience in 2018, has been placed on the tourist map.

19 Oct 2019 19
28 Sep 2019

Lunlabelle case unmasks dark secret in Thai society

As investigators probe the death of young model-for-hire Thitima Noraphanpiphat, more is being revealed about the murky world of this service industry, including illicit drug use and commercial sex.

28 Sep 2019 32
Lunlabelle case unmasks dark secret in Thai society
21 Sep 2019

Turn disaster victims into flood fighters

The heavy floods that have ravaged Ubon Ratchathani and other northeastern provinces are a wake-up call for authorities dealing with natural disasters.

21 Sep 2019 4
Turn disaster victims into  flood fighters
14 Sep 2019

Media outlets must not ignore culture of kickbacks

As mainstream print and digital media outlets fiercely follow up on certain political scandals rocking Prayut Chan-o-cha's administration, a small but significantly important news item has quietly slipped from most of the newshounds' attention.

14 Sep 2019 7
7 Sep 2019

Time to take disaster management off backburner

'Isn't it time the country established a national disaster management centre?" is a question many people ask each time a natural calamity causes massive losses. It was asked again after several provinces in the North and the Northeast were battered by Tropical Storm Podul, which triggered floods and mudslides. It also left 16 dead, thousands of people homeless and damaged infrastructure such as roads and dykes.

7 Sep 2019 4
31 Aug 2019

End to Phuket's land scandals demands bold steps

The Phuket condo saga which involves firebrand politician Sira Jenjaka, a Palang Pracharath Party MP for Bangkok, and a police officer has put the chronic land issues in this tourist province under the spotlight.

31 Aug 2019 10
24 Aug 2019

Democrats' rush to impress starting to bear fruit

We have witnessed a new phenomenon in post-coup politics as politicians from both government and opposition camps jump-start their work to impress those who voted for them. This rush might stem from the widely held belief that the Prayut Chan-o-cha cabinet, with its slim majority, will not survive the political turbulence for long and a snap election might be around the corner.

24 Aug 2019 4
Democrats' rush to impress starting to bear fruit
17 Aug 2019

Hungry 'parasites' drool over weak coalition govt

The past week has seen political minions from the single-seat parties, including Mongkolkit Suksintaranont, grabbing the media spotlight with a series of cheap tactics.

17 Aug 2019 15
10 Aug 2019

Will China turn off the Mekong tap?

Countries in the lower Mekong basin are watching anxiously to see whether their "big brother" to the north will tackle the growing Mekong River crisis.

10 Aug 2019 8
Will China turn off the Mekong tap?