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Boaz Zippor
30 May 2012

Guru Mahafacebook Twitedarma

Brothers, I have wonderful news to share with you this blessed of days.

30 May 2012
16 May 2012

Thanks for the memories

I am always afraid to say "Remember when?" as people always smile at me like they do when confronted with a semi-retarded child, stop listening and nod their head in understanding, telling me nostalgia isn't what it used to be and that the past always seems better than the present.

16 May 2012
2 May 2012

A junkie high on plants, flowers

I have a confession. I am an addict. A functional addict, but still and addict. Yes, I know it is hard to admit something like this, especially on the pages of a newspaper read by thousands of people, but I have to get it off my chest.

2 May 2012
18 Apr 2012

The drench resistance

As a general rule I try to avoid being shot at. It is one of those basic rules in life which are always right, always correct. Now, I haven't just woken up one day and decided that this is a good rule to follow, no, it is from experience that this rule has come to life.

18 Apr 2012
4 Apr 2012

Looking after number one

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about neo-socialism and neo-capitalism, and this week I want to talk about neo-egoism. Now, I know it looks like I just add "neo" in front of words and make up new meanings, but this is not the case.

4 Apr 2012 1
21 Mar 2012

I am not a feminist

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated International Women's Day. Well, when I say "we" I mean people who care and when I say "celebrated" I mean posting three semi-funny quotes about women in Facebook. You know, a symbolic celebration, what they mean when they say "it's the least we can do" _ which usually is exactly what it sounds like: the bare minimum that one needs to do in order to seem like a good person.

21 Mar 2012 1
7 Mar 2012

Trapped in an ideological purgatory

I hear a lot of people talking about gratitude these days. It is the trendy dish in the new age secret thingy of the week, be thankful for what you have, be grateful to the universe, be grateful. Great. And the people who say it are so full of it.

7 Mar 2012
22 Feb 2012

Don't hide life

I love my neighbourhood. I really do. The bible says love thy neighbour, but I prefer to love my neighbourhood. It is not the best neighbourhood in Bangkok. Far from it. It is not even the most "authentic" one, if you want to opt for the romanticised path of old Bangkok as opposed to the convenience of pseudo Western facilities. No, it is just a neighbourhood. A normal one. Well, as normal as a neighbourhood in Bangkok can be.

22 Feb 2012 2
24 Jan 2012

I am not just human

When did we start using "being human" as an excuse to being lazy and stupid? Was there a point in history when some guy, probably a Neanderthal, shrugged his shoulders after witnessing the harmful consequences of his stupid actions and then looked at the guy next to him and said, "Hey, what can I do? I am only human."?

24 Jan 2012 1
3 Jan 2012

Your digital photo album

In the last years I have encountered a very strange phenomenon that worries me, both as a photographer, but mainly as a researcher of human behaviour. Ok, maybe researcher of human behaviour is a bit of an overstatement, as usually I just snicker and make smart alek comments about that ridiculous game called human behaviour, but still, it is a phenomenon that should be acknowledged.

3 Jan 2012 1