Sithikorn Wongwudthianun


Sithikorn Wongwudthianun
27 Sep 2015

Safety first, safety last

In Bangkok, it might be better to drive a car and get stuck in a traffic jam rather than take public transport.

27 Sep 2015 12
24 Sep 2015

Undisciplined taxi drivers

As a Bangkokian who doesn't own or drive a car, the taxi is one of the top three modes of travel, followed by the bus and train.

24 Sep 2015 7
22 Oct 2014

It's mall about the Benjamins

"I fear that shopping centres will consume any open space, making escapes into the countryside difficult."

22 Oct 2014
It's mall about the Benjamins
11 Dec 2013

Copyright and what's right

Everyone knows downloading pirated software, films or music is illegal. Still, there are hundreds of websites and tons of files just a click away. In Bangkok, some streets and shopping malls are full of vendors selling illegal DVDs. They are so well-known in fact that you can even use Google to find their exact locations.

11 Dec 2013 1
7 Sep 2012

Yes, I am a Sone

"I prefer the cuter and more cheerful Girls' Generation"

7 Sep 2012 1
8 May 2012

See more by going solo

'What tour package should I get for Hong Kong?" a colleague of mine asked. This question made me wonder...

8 May 2012 2
13 Mar 2012

When Harry Met Sally

The movie When Harry Met Sally told an 11-year-long love story, I can top that with an on-going 17-year relationship and it goes as follows.

13 Mar 2012
When Harry Met Sally