The lighter side of politics

The lighter side of politics

Amid the deluge of headlines that pop up on my (and perhaps your) smartphone screen, a few manage to catch my attention with their unexpected funniness especially those regarding Thai politics. Some are so ironic, they are jokes. Not sure what I'm getting at? Here are a few examples for your entertainment. After reading too many corruption scandals involving state officials, one just needs a few laughs, y'know.

"บิ๊กป้อม" ลั่นห้ามมีทุจริตในกองทัพ พบสั่งดำเนินการเฉียบขาด

Post Today , Mar 26, 2018

"Big Pom" states no corruption in the army. If found, swift action will be taken

Yes, leave it to the guy who has been accused of suspiciously obtaining two dozens of very expensive watches to lead an anti-corruption drive.

ประยุทธ์ทีมป้า! สวดคนจอดรถขวาง หน้าบ้าน บ่นประเทศไทยคนไร้ระเบียบ ไม่เคารพสิทธิคนอื่น

Matichon , Feb 21, 2018

#TeamAuntie! Prayut criticises those who park in front of other people's house, complains Thais are undisciplined and disrespect the rights of others

In a speech PM Prayut Chan-o-cha gave in Nakhon Pathom, he commented on an incident where an auntie smashed a truck that parked in front of her house with an axe. He said the problems in Thailand stem from Thais having no discipline and no respect for others. He couldn't understand how someone would park in front of another person's house knowing that it would block the entrance.

This actually came from a man who staged a coup. Did you sir respect the rights of others?

นายกฯ มอบรางวัลแต่งกายงดงามให้ 5 รัฐมนตรี "บิ๊กตู่-ภริยา" ซิวรางวัล "คู่ขวัญใจเพชร"

Khao Sod , Feb 20, 2018

PM awards best dressed prizes to five ministers. "Big Tu-Wife" won "diamond-heart couple"

The Minister of Culture revealed the winners of the best dressed awards after PM Prayut Chan-o-cha tasked the Ministry of Culture to come up with awards for Cabinet members who donned Thai costumes and attended "Un Ai Rak Khlai Khwam Nao" winter festival on Valentine's Day. Designers and experts on Thai fabric judged the awardees. Five awards were given and the biggest award went to Prayut and his wife.

Wait, so you ordered someone below your rank to come up with a contest which you're eligible to win and you won the first prize? Wow, what a surprise! Also, why do we need this award in the first place?

Rights lawyer Sirikan wins US award

Bangkok Post , Mar 24, 2018

Kudo goes to Thai human rights lawyer Sirikan Charoensiri for being one of 10 recipients to be honoured with International Women of Courage awards. The awards were presented by US First Lady Melania Trump in a ceremony at the State Department. I bet Uncle Tu would be so proud that a Thai received such an honour.

Meanwhile in Thailand, Sirikan faces three charges against her, stemming from representing her clients. She represented 14 student activists who staged a protest to mark the first anniversary of the military coup in 2015. One the charges against her is sedition. Not sure how the authorities arrived at such a serious offence.

Wait, are we talking about the same person here?

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