Prayut, junta need to take careful steps

Prayut, junta need to take careful steps

The public relations campaign of coup leader Prayut Chan-o-cha seems to be running at full speed and last week the country saw a glimpse of moves being undertaken by people around him to boost the popularity of the military leader.

With exactly one month to go before Gen Prayut and his bunch of cronies pops open the champagne bottles to celebrate their 4th anniversary of the coup that put an end to a democratically elected government, the junta is in full swing to undertake a campaign to try to maintain Gen Prayut's power after the elections that are slated for early next year.

The latest move comes to portray Gen Prayut as a leader with vision and what better way to do that than to bring in Chinese businessman Jack Ma to invest and commit to the development of Thailand.

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Umesh Pandey

Bangkok Post Editor

Umesh Pandey is Editor, Bangkok Post.

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