A Study in Black

A Study in Black

A picture of two cosplayers who imitated the Black Panther and construction tycoon and accused poacher Premchai Karnasuta went viral earlier this week. In case you need a refresher why nobody thinks he's innocent, I've played Sherlock to present you with three reasons.

The sweater he wore when he got arrested in early February had distinct brown patches around its shoulders. Do a Google image search on "hunting jacket" or "shooting jacket" and you'll see similar outerwear, which also have the said patches. Given his mass wealth, I don't think he was borrowing someone's else hunting sweater.

Who on Earth has a tiger pelt draped over his executive chair in his office? Premchai does or at least he did, according to Manager Online. They unearthed an unpublished picture of Premchai, which was taken in 1991 inside his office on the 15th floor of Italthai Tower. In the picture, he is standing and resting an elbow on this chair. Its high back rest is draped with a Bengal tiger pelt. I'm not an expert on animal pelts but it looks pretty authentic.

On Feb 6, Premchai was reported as telling a police officer that he had been into Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, where his arrest took place, only twice in his life and that his first visit was about 30 years ago.

However, a picture of him and his crew camping in a forest in Kanchanaburi was posted online in 2016. Why was it incriminating? The picture was apparently posted by one of the other three suspects, who were arrested with Premchai. The said person also casually replied to a friend's comment that they were there to hunt animals. This also made Premchai's claim of being lost in the sanctuary when he was arrested weaker since it shows he's no newbie to "camping" in a forest.

On Monday, it was reported that Premchai will be indicted on six charges in the poaching case. Hopefully, a dead black leopard cannot be covered by pile of cash.

Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

Guru section Editor

Guru section Editor

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