Enforce laws to halt rabies' return

Enforce laws to halt rabies' return

A small village called Ban Nong Khai Hia in Nakhon Ratchasima's Sida district is shrouded with fear.

Five cows have died this month and others have fallen ill. Some villagers -- according to news reports in local media including Matichon -- point the finger at pi porb, a ghost in Thai folklore, for coming to take those cows' lives away. According to this old belief, the ghost loves to devour animal carcasses.

I almost wish those poor cows died at the hands of this blood-thirsty spirit. Yet, the reality at Ban Nong Khai Hia (which means village of monitor lizard eggs) might actually be more frightening than the ghost.

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Anchalee Kongrut

Assistant News Editor

Bangkok Post's Assistant News Editor

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